The label "low-security" derives, not from the people who live there, but from the Empires and their proxies CONCORD. To the people who live there it should be more appropriately referred to as Free Sec.

Furthermore, the common stereotypes perpetrated by the machine of Empire builders, of pirates, criminals and ruffians that inhabit Free Sec is also based on only one perspective - theirs.

Free Sec is the attitude that permeates all of us that dwell within a lawless and unmanageable portion of space that the Empires cannot hope to control. So it is in their best interests to label, suppress and otherwise inhibit the truth about Free Sec.

The rise of their Factions is only one example of this effort on the part of the power players in New Eden. While the PR machines spew anti-empirical propaganda against one or the other of the Empires, the true meaning of Faction warfare is not lost on those of us who care about Free Sec. We know what this is and we see it in its true light - as the opening and on-going salvo in the war to expand Empirical control and destroy the remaining remnants of our Free Society.

This is our struggle. The struggle of free people everywhere. The inherent right of self-determination and freedom from oppression. This is why we fight. To remain unbound by the political, economic and social pressures of Empirical Law. The residents and free citizens of Free Sec are counting on us, those Capsuleers that have shed the bonds of slavery and have seen the light, to defend them. They cannot do it alone. Only we have the will, the means and the immortality to see the fight continue until our borders are secured and freedom reigns. Freedom from tyranny.

Free Sec is not united in this effort. The cost of freedom is as high as it is absolute. We fight amongst ourselves as much as we do against those that wish to stomp us into the pages of history. This is the reality of Free Sec. We are not united. Nor shall we ever be. But that is also our strength. Our diversity empowers us to great heights. We cannot be conquered. We cannot be overwhelmed. We cannot be invaded. Because we are everywhere and nowhere all at the same time.

Free Sec will remain free. The Empire and their bastards in CONCORD cannot change that. Their puppets in the Factions cannot "own" what is not theirs. Label us how you wish, it doesn't change the reality of our space. You cannot and will not change that reality, now matter what you choose to label it.

Call us what you will. Pirates. Criminals. Freedom Fighters. Your labels mean nothing to us. You are not welcome, your suposed laws are not welcome, your rule is denied. We shall not allow it.

Don't tread on us.


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    1. Had that poster on my office wall for the longest time.

  2. Hmm so "Free Space" will have laws imposed by you and thus you become what you seek to save "Free Space" from.

    1. Where exactly did I say that? I'm fine with Free Sec staying the way it was intended, open and free.

  3. What exactly do you mean by "free"?

    When you say "the way it was intended" you imply that someone had intentions for it. Who was that someone and what makes that being the one who is right?

    You still can't grasp that capsuleers are the disease unleashed on the universe by the empires. Capsuleers are no better than the empires that created them, sewing the seeds of humanity's death. The disease must be purged.

    1. "free" as in no one controls it, no one tells us what to do, no one imposes their laws on us, etc etc.

      Intended by right of existence. I reject the basic premise that Capsuleers are a "disease" and embrace the fact that Capsuleers are capable of rising above their original birth as tools of Empires and finding their own paths.


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