Does Rixx Have What it Takes?

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[ It would be re-miss of me not to mention this excellent article over on Game Skinny that features two members of Stay Frosty! ]

What makes a good corporation CEO in Eve? Is it skill, personality, experience or something that eludes definition? And does your friendly neighborhood pirate have what it takes to lead Stay Frosty to the... well, wherever it is they might be going?

I happen to believe, and pardon the slight brush with ego here, that Rixx just might be the perfect CEO.

Before we all get defiantly ill at that statement, give me a chance to define what I mean. First of all, I'd have to believe that wouldn't I? Otherwise why bother starting a new corporation. Everyone who starts a corp in Eve does so for one reason or another. And while they may be lying to themselves, a big part of that reason has to be that they believe they can do it better than someone else.

Rixx has experience starting Corporations. Each one has taught him valuable lessons about what works and, most importantly, what doesn't. He has also served in a wide variety of corporations spread around New Eden. Some of the CEOs he has played under have been great ones, and others have been less than great. From each however, he has also learned valuable and important lessons. In how to do things the right way, and how not to do things the right way.

The most important lesson however, came at the end of the Lucifer's Hammer run. While we all say that Real Life is more important than Eve, it is impossible to ignore the fact that the two are interconnected. Despite the collapse of his entire professional life at the time, the closing of his business and devastating financial worries. Despite the hospitalization of one of his children and worries about the future of his family... despite all of that, he could have handled the in-game business in a better way.

That shadow has haunted him for nearly two years. It was a humbling time both in real life and in Eve. I/we nearly left the game, that is how close I/we came. (The duality bothers me, when I talk about Rixx I'm talking about myself and vice versa. k? )

I've learned some valuable and life changing lessons over the past two years. Most of them have been rather humbling. And they have taught me something that I failed to appreciate before. While Eve might be a game, it is full of real people. Behind each avatar there sits a real person. And those people need to be treated like real people, especially the ones in your own corporation.

As someone who ran his own real world corporation for over ten years and watched in horror as it fell apart around him, perhaps that is the core reason why I believe at this time, at this place, that Rixx is finally ready to be the perfect CEO.

Only time will tell. But it feels like a re-birth to me. And I need that. Both of us do.


  1. I actually feel all warm and fuzzy now boss

    1. Lol. Well I'm not going to say that was my goal, but it works.

  2. Interesting post. As someone that runs an arguably successful corp I like reading posts from other ceo's.


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