Learn to Fly: Imperial Navy Slicer

"Learn to Fly" is a series in which we examine the specific skills required to properly fly a ship in Eve Online.

Previous Chapters: Condor / Sac / Comet

In this installment we take a closer look at one of the best Frigates in all of New Eden, the Imperial Navy Slicer. Not only is this ship beautiful and full of golden honey, it also has lazors!! Oh and did I mention it goes really, really fast? Like a bullet on speed and crack.

The INS is typically fit for speed and tackle, throw some Nano in the lows, some agility rigs, a MWD, long point and bam the ship fits itself. And those versions of the INS are entirely valid. But I was not satisfied. I don't take well to my ship exploding all the time, especially one as purty as this one. In addition, given the new FW realities of Low Sec, I needed a ship that could go fast and also brawl people in the face. Tall order, would the fragile speed demon INS be able to deliver?

Let's take a look at some recent INS kills:
INS vs Crucifier
INS vs Executioner

INS vs Enyo

Even those few examples give you an idea of the variety of targets the INS is more than capable of dealing with in today's New Eden environment.

Example Fitting

RJ's Brawling Kiter Slicer

High Slots

2x Small Focused Pulse Laser II

Medium Slots
Limited 1MN Microwarpdrive

Disrupter Long Point - Fit to flavor, I use whatever I have from loots

Low Slots

Adaptive Nano Plating II
Damage Control II
Fourier Transform Tracking Program
Heat Sink II
Small Ancillary Armor Repairer - I keep at least five loads of Nanite
(be sure to set auto-reload off, fights are short and brutal and you may need an extra rep or two)

Rigs - This varies, but here is a standard version
Small Aux Nano Pump
Small Energy Burst Aerator
Small Energy Locus Coordinator

Ammo - Scorch, Conflag and Imperial Navy MultiSpec

The important thing to remember is that nothing is set in stone. These are tight fits and you'll need to test them out with T2 and Meta versions of the mods listed to find the fit that works for you and your skills.

Know Your Ship

Because most low-sec targets these days fall into two major categories, plexers sitting at close to zero and plexers trying to run away, the INS is the perfect ship to catch them and dispose of them. Its high rate of speed allows it to perform the traditional role of land and burn to targets extremely effectively. Granted, the lack of scram and web means those cowards that fit WCS will still get away, but never fear the shame they feel for doing so will only continue to eat away at their souls.

The best part however is letting them catch YOU. While many people will run away, or try to run away, sometimes the best policy is to let them think they have you. This works especially well against Tristans and Merlins, they will not be expecting you to survive long and will be shocked to learn that you can immediately switch ammo types and brawl them dead in their face!

The Condor can't switch from Kiter to Brawler, but the INS can.


I have no fear when faced with any T1 frigate. In a fair fight the INS can take them all 1v1. A good Condor pilot may give you trouble, I've had several fights end in a draw with a good Condor pilot. Luckily for you good Condor pilots are tough to come by. LML Kestrels can also be a challenge, as can any drone boat with decent drone skills. If you get into a fight with one however, you can always pull range and get away.

If you get scrammed and webbed overheat everything, switch ammo (instantly!!) and burn the target down. Pulse your rep ( I keep auto-repeat off) and wait to use the last few non-nanite cycles to save your butt.

You won't win every fight you start in this, the INS is a frigate and it can be beaten rather easily at times. But every fight is a tough one and your skill, daring and timing will win you more than you lose.


Like all Amarr ships cap is an issue. To fly this ship effectively your cap management skills should be top-notch. It is a rather expensive ship to be tossing around like chaff, so be aware if you can't fly it properly use one of the other variants until you can. There is no need to rush into it.

I'll share a secret if you promise not to tell anyone. Most of the time I get point and hold it for a bit and then turn it off. You'd be surprised how many people never realize it and it helps save your fighting cap. Be careful doing that and always keep an eye on your target, ready to put that point back. Can't let them get away.

The INS is edge of your seat speed flying on the razor's edge of horrible bone-crushing death.

It ain't for the weak of heart.


  1. I like the look of this.. if I can just find 5 minutes to log in and play I'll defo take a little trip in one of these.

  2. Haaa... thanks Rixx. I guess you my losses lol. Anyway, it's really a brutal ship.

  3. I'm a new Amarrp ilot looking for my own philisophy of fighting. I like the look of this and I spent the last 3 hours researching Slicers (and Retributions, but I'll leave that to some other day).

    Do you any implant (cheap preferably) to recommend ?


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