Putting the Band Back Together

Eve is a social game. No matter how you slice it, eventually you will encounter someone. And then another someone. Before you know it those someone encounters have piled up into a rather long list of friends, enemies, associates, corp mates, allies and whatnots. Those that still play and those that have wandered off into the fog of real life.

This evolutionary train of debris, wreckage and connections isn't limited to the world as it exists in-game either, it also collects around you out here in the greater Eve community. Fellow bloggers, employees of CCP, journalists, writers, everyone to one degree or another.

After five years it can become a rather large pile of metaphorical cat-hair stuck to your allegorical sweater.

One of the greatest things about making a big splash is watching the ripples as they expand outward from the point of impact. When you throw that rock you have no real idea of how far and wide those ripples will go, what damage they may do, or how the pond might be altered. Ka-sploosh!!

When I planned my break and started Stay Frosty, I'd have been perfectly happy with a few pilots joining. Joyous at a handful of like minded and enthusiastic adventures to fly with from time to time. That would've been ok. But, as usual, I just can't bring myself to actually operate like that can I? No, I can't. It has been historically proven time and time again, both in-game and out. Despite myself I think big.

And so those friends I talked about up there in the opening paragraphs? They have come. Both old and new. Friends that I've flown with before and friends I've only known thru the community at large, fellow bloggers and twitter followers. From all walks of life and every play-style known to man, they have flocked to our little corner of the Universe. Drawn by the promise of what we are building and the hope inherent in that promise.

Yesterday I received a very special treat. I've told this story many times in these pages, my trip to Null when I was two weeks old in Eve. That first Corporation was a member of my first Alliance, Libertas Fidelitas or LFA. Which was a part of the greater CVA Providence. The gentleman who ran the LFA back then, who I eventually worked with under Progodlegend ( now member of the CSM ) joined our merry band of adventurers yesterday. That is an amazing and wonderful thing to have happen. A lock has just closed on a long loop to the past.

Funny story? Here is the LFA Killboard banner I designed back then:

Click to embiggen
The Alliance tagline? Sic Semper Piratus, or Death To Pirates.

The times they are a changin'. More old friends are coming. More new friends are joining.  More stories are being written and new loops are starting their long journey into the future. Big things are afoot my dear readers. Where will they lead? What will happen when they impact the shore? Only time will tell.

In a few short days Stay Frosty will hit the centennial mark and pass 100 pilots. But we have no plans to stop there. How about adding your own story to the pages of history? Something special is happening and it would be great to have you be an important part of it.

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. ( Not really, but I really wanted to use that Obi Wan quote in this post.)

Welcome Aboard. The band sounds great.


  1. So, since we're starting a band, can I be the guy that plays the cowbell?

  2. Rixx, you should pick that motto up again for Stay Frosty.

    I love your stuff, but I hope your Latin motto generation has gotten better over the years. I think your tagline there is "Thus always pirates". You were probably were thinking of "Sic Semper Tyrannis" which means "thus always to tyrants" only because it is an extract of the better known "Sic semper evello mortem Tyrannis" quote. (see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sic_semper_tyrannis). Note you dropped the "mortem" (death) part.

    So maybe "Sic Semper Piratis" (Thus [we are] always pirates) is a perfectly good tagline for Stay Frosty. Then it'd really be a loop.

    (Yes, my Latin is bad too)

  3. And the best thing of this neat band, it's we don't need shield, targeting, ... boosters in the system... we boost ourselves with a huge dosis of morale, fun and team cooperation! And that's something nobody can beat.


  4. In observance of Independence Day, in which colonial America declared its intention to liberate itself from British rule, I think it is time for me to help liberate some vessels from their pilots.


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