Crossing Zebra's Podcast: Low Sec

This past Saturday night Marc Scaurus and I spent some time with Xander Phoena recording the newest episode of the Crossing Zebra's podcast, this one focused on Low Sec. It is an hour long conversation that covers a tremendous amount of ground about the very best play-style in all of Eve.

The direct link.

The Page over on Crossing Zebra's.

Thanks to Xander for a great conversation. I hope you will take some time to listen and enjoy!


  1. Rixx, this is not a troll.

    To say low sec is better than null sec is like saying baseball is better than hockey. Why even compare the two? If it's better for you, congrats on finding what you like. But making a bold statement like that is not faithfully representing or describing the truth.

    1. If you paid attention I was careful to state, rather clearly I thought, that it was a completely prejudicial statement from my own personal perspective. I also spent time on relaying my own thoughts on each region and how I fully support each player working to find the place that is right for him or her.

      Having laid down those conditions, I stand by my statement. I do believe low sec is the single greatest play-style in New Eden. Especially from a PvP standpoint. Which is why I play there. I don't even think it is arguable.

    2. But it is arguable. That's the point of opinion and choice.

    3. I agree. Feel free to argue and choose, I have. And I continue to argue and choose for low sec. I am an advocate for piracy, for the low sec play-style, for content creation in low sec, I've started my own low sec corporation and I will continue to fight for more attention, more content, and more powerful engagement for those that choose to play in low sec.

      It seems to me like the other areas are pretty well represented already. But I'm sure there is always room for more.

    4. So the podcast is more an opinion piece and advertisement for low-sec and its benefits. Got it.

      If I could nutshell low-sec, it's a gladiator pit. The fight is glorious and fun but has little effect on the future. During my adventures in low-sec, one system (Uusanen) had a bit more than the gladiator pit feeling . The Mockers protected their station like rabid dogs. They were rather good at it. The station wasn't monitored 24/7 and you could still dock from time to time(as any NPC station). I'm sure you site plenty of examples that glorify low-sec, but in the end, it's will be a glorified gladiator pit that has no effect on who controls the space you fight within.

      I often hear complaints about null-sec and these complaints are typical. "I hate bubbles" or "big fleets suck!". These perceptive are so narrow and ignorant. There is small gang action in null. It's equally fun. yes, there is bubbles, and to anyone using them, it's another layer of strategy to place on top of the existing strategies of low-sec combat.

      From reading your blog for 8 months, I agree that low-sec is for you and your others of equal play style. Many times you posted blogs about short term combat. Logging in, hunting a few targets and logging off when you needed to. This limited engagement style is perfect for low-sec play and a limited time schedule. Enjoy the beer afterwards, you earned it. But don't assume it's the only place to laugh, enjoy and drink beer afterwards.

      To nut-shell null-sec, It's about control. Every aspect of any action in null could be boiled down to control. If you gate camp a common pipe, it's to prevent or make your enemy think twice about entering your space. This creates safety for the industrials mining 3 jumps behind you. They create goods to help on the combat side of null life. When you log off, the struggle continues and you may log in to find you've affiliates have helped or failed your efforts. It gives me and others like me a purpose beyond glory and killing. It's a home that you maintain and appreciate, as you could lose it at anytime. That being said, it's not a home for everyone. But I wouldn't say it's the hands down best home. That would be too narrow a vision. There are many home for many pilots. To say one is better than the rest is straight up silly. You know this.

    5. I spent over two years in Null Sec. I fought in four major wars, invaded several regions, ran a Covert Ops Division, stole Dreads from POSs with passwords I "managed" to obtain, flew in 200 man bomber wings, FC'd 400+ fleets and watched Alliances crumble, fall and pass from memory. And yes, I also solo'd in Null Sec, fought with small gangs, defended our space and traveled far and wide to find enemies to fight.

      So yeah, I know a few things about Null.

      I can also talk about, opine, and propagandize anything I want to on my blog. And for the past three years my personal passion has been low sec. I think it is better than Null. Better than WH space. And certainly better than High sec.

      That is my opinion. And to think that what happens in low has no effect on the future, please bring your blingy T3 into a mission nearby and see how losing it effects your future.

      I respect your opinion. You should try and respect mine.

    6. Obviously I respect your opinion, It's implied by my faithful support of your efforts. I'm not bantering to say whose opinion is right as that is fruitless and silly. I also don't make statements declaring one space lifestyle is better or worse. Don't get sensitive to bog replies. As a community, we banter to gain knowledge and enjoy the people we banter with.

      As to losing a T3, that's just ISK. As long as you make ISK, risking the loss of ISK is the best part of the ISK cycle. Losing ISK versus losing sov that you gain and hopefully protect si deeper than ISK, in my opinion. :D

    7. I'm not sensitive. I do genuinely believe that Low Sec is Best Sec. If I didn't, I'd be playing somewhere else. So we can agree to disagree about the merits of making statements, opinions or whatever, but that isn't a debatable statement in my opinion. I do indeed live in Low Sec and play there. So it, by elimination, must be the place I enjoy more than any other. Hence...

      It is semantics we are arguing here. Null is great for some people and they tend to be very passionate about it, bully for them. So do I.


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