Twitter Tuesday on Monday

It has been a long time since I ran the last Twitter Tuesday, so I'm doing it on a Monday this time. Twitter Tuesday is when I invite everyone on Twitter to ask me anything and I have to answer it here, no rules, no boundaries, anything at all.

Sound fun?

is wearing womens underwear one of your turn-ons

I am six foot six and weigh nearly three hundred pounds, wearing women's underwear could quite possibly be the most unattractive thing I could do. So, even if that was something I found to be a 'turn-on', which I don't, it would be rather monumentally horrible.

Does it have to be EVE related? You mentioned being poisoned the on Twitter, but you didnt elaborate. It's ok if you don't

I strongly believe that shortly after I informed my now ex-wife that we would be getting a divorce that she intentionally poisoned me in some fashion. I believe this because she is insane, at the time I had a one-million dollar life insurance policy, and while I have never been truly sick in my life - at that time I was sick for two months and needed to be rushed to the emergency room. I saw about five different Doctors and took several dozen tests, but no one ever determined what was wrong with me. I mysteriously "just got better" after I told her I was on to her, even though I couldn't prove it.

When you know an engagement's gone sour, do you ever try to evade and escape, or do you prefer to charge in like the Spartans?

It depends on the fight. 1v1s I will typically stay to the bitter end, so many of those come down to the last few seconds. The only exception I make is when we are both obviously not winning, such as when we are both kiters. In that case I'll usually say something to the other pilot first. In the case of being "blobbed" I always try to kill first and then get away if that doesn't work. If I know I am going to die and there is no chance for escape, I will always try to take at least one of them down with me.

so, CAN my crew use the bathroom while cloaked or in warp?

While your ship is cloaked it is invisible to all types of radiation detection and 90% to optical ( you can upon close inspection, still see a slight warble in the shape of your ship ), so any activity during cloaking operations is dangerous to the integrity of the ship. Most people believe that the inside of your ship is still visible to the crew while cloaked. This is simply not true. Early cloaking devices tried this method of "bending" radiation around the ship, but that turned out to be very, very hard. The easiest way to "cloak" a ship turned out to be simply phasing it slightly into another dimension of space and time for the duration of the cloak. As all space crews know, there are monsters in those other dimensions that will attack and eat you when you go potty.

As for warping, everything is ok except for standing and doing number one. That is extremely impossible to achieve and leaves a rather nasty mess. Best to hold it until we land on the gate. And then hurry, you don't want to be caught doing that during a gate jump!

You've probably blogged about everything I've thought of so far. Whats in your hangar that we might not know about? Any Caps?

Rixx is a sub-cap pilot, my alt Ana is the one with the Carrier. Rixx has over 120 ships in his hanger, most of which are fully fitted and ready for combat. Although I do have a nice side collection of all the "free" gift ships and the recent pirate rookie ships. Other than that I doubt anything surprising is in there.

Zombie appocalypse, what would you do when it hits? Day Z survival step by step \o/

I have given this some thought. Luckily I live in a great area for this, semi-secluded but near major supplies, with excellent line-of-sight surrounding it. So first day priorities would include acquiring additional weapons, we have several nearby places for doing this - including a National Guard Armory; Food - also easily obtained; but there are also an abundant variety of farms and natural resources nearby; and fuel - we also have a truck depot nearby and we'd most likely steal a semi-fuel truck for our use - to power the genny and then our vehicles once infrastructure falls apart. That's a busy first day, but best to make hay while the sun shines. And before the hordes arrive.

Do you even lift?

Not anymore. I used to back when I played sports regularly. I still manage to excercise regularly and eat healthy, but my four boys keep me busy enough.

Barring events influenced by RL stuff - what was your lowest point in and how did you get through it?

My lowest non-RL inspired moment in Eve was when I started a Corporation down in Providence on the advice of a "friend" who informed me that another Corp was dying off. I spent the isk I had on a POS Tower, you had to have one to be part of the Alliance back then, and all the mods needed to make it a deathstar. The "friend" turned out to be a thief and he stole most of those mods. What we managed to save was destroyed on the way to Empire. Not only did the Corporation fail and we were embarrassed in front of the entire Alliance, but I was flat broke. I went back to Empire with my tail between my legs and started over. That was a dark time, but thanks to several real friends and some luck, I managed to make back what I had lost in only two months.

How much cheese does a cheese sauce need so a cheese sauce tastes of cheese?

This is an easy one. Cheese flavor starts at 67.45% cheese content and increases proportionally for yellow cheese cheese sauce, the demands on white cheese cheese sauce are greater obviously and begin around the 78.65% mark of cheese content. Off color cheeses, such as Blue, are usually much less. A good Blue can usually get by with only 14% cheese content, although blue doesn't make the best sauce.

What did you name your first ship?

I named my first ship "Lucky". It wasn't.

current OPINION on the nullsec empires

Null sec needs an enema. Over the past two years it has become boring and blue. It used to be home to the grandest stories, the biggest adventures and the most exciting combat. And while pockets still survive the overall blandness cannot be engineered to replicate the history, made up conflicts don't match real ones. Null sec needs shaken up, broken up, and given a reason to hate once more.

if you could be one fictional character (movie tv book) who would it be?

There are so many choices, but if push comes to shove I'd pick John Carter, Warlord of Mars. Mostly because of how amazing Burrough's Barsoom is and the fact that you'd fall in love with Dejah Thoris. Pretty hard to beat that life.

so is it true that is in fact a CCP pet?

Isn't this common knowledge?

Why do the Gayllente suck so hard? Lulz.

They really can't help it and it is pretty sad that the Gallente are the least of the four major races in New Eden. Mostly this is attributed to an early ancestor named "Jus'tin Beiber" or something like that, the translation may be lost to time.

what would be at the top of your winter expansion wish list?

I'd love to see Tech 3 Frigates. I know it probably won't happen anytime soon, but I think they could be an amazing addition to the game. I've been predicting the addition of the Jovian race for years, so maybe that will be it?

what's the best spam message you've ever gotten?

The idea of a "best" spam message is pretty weird, and it sound like something a tool of CCP would ask me frankly!

Better yet - what could CCP still improve in Lowsec and what should they just leave alone

No one is in the belts. There is something fundamentally wrong with that. I've made suggestions before in regards to changes they need to make to FW plex mechanics, a few minor fixes and that system would be much better for everyone. Other than that, I hope they leave it alone. It's working fine now.

Are you a hockey fan? If so, what team?

I am a Pittsburgh Penguins hockey fan. Have been since I first moved from the South and discovered Hockey for the first time. The Penguins were client's of mine for years and our history goes back almost twenty years or more now.

If you didn't care about ISKies, what is your fave ship for pewpew?

Daredevil. Pure and simple the most fun PvP ship in the game, versatile, powerful, and a joy to fly. I fly them a lot anyway, but I'd fly them more if isk wasn't an issue. It is my favorite ship in all of Eve.

ideas to revamp null sec?

A couple easy fixes would go a long way towards getting Null back to its glory days:
• Limit the size of Alliances.
• Base Sov on usage and not solely on structures.
• Limit, or eliminate, the use of Jump Bridges.
Seems pretty simple to me.



  1. I believe limiting the size of alliances has no effect. You could splinter the CFC in 10 times as many smaller alliances without too much of a change. Perhaps slightly less coherence but a big blue donut anyway.
    One integrated jabber and teamspeak, integrated fleets and doctrines, one jump bridge map and system, forums.

    Jump bridges are not bad, you need infrastructure, sov and expenses for a static bridge between 2 systems. It just means the chokepoint to camp is the system between bridges.
    Titan hump bridges on the other hand don't take as mucht time to set up and can bridge entire fleets right on top of it's target.

    1. I agree with you there about putting a hard cap on alliance size. It would be a minor inconvenience at best. What needs to be put in place is a natural system where there are diminishing returns for large groups. Incursions are one example where there's more or less a hard cap on group size. I think it should be similar, bit have a much longer trailing tail. Right now, if you can handle logistics and communication smoothly (which really is a tough job for only a handful of people, even in a 5000-man alliance), the way the sov system is set up, centered around enormous structure HP as it is, it's always the more the better.

      Although I don't believe a PvE-centric solution is the way to go for null-sec, faction war solves the problem in some areas. There's a natural division among plexers to split up. They can split up and cover more ground quicker or stick together for protection. (The FW farming problem is another discussion, but that's due to plex timers not rolling back on their own, which is why it's never worth it to stick together.) And then you have ihub bashes where a fleet of 20 is generally enough. And you get the odd dread here and there to speed things up. No need to call a CTA and wait for the whole alliance. It's more of an impromptu thing where you can take your corp mates out, shoot something for a bit, and quite possibly get a fight out of it. If people have the choice between impromptu fleets that can get up and rolling or waiting around for 2 hours for an alliance-wide CTA, they'll chose the first.

      Numbers *should* play a large role in determining which group is stronger. But creating a system (whatever that might be) that encourages larger groups to split up for specific tasks means that they can interact with smaller entities in meaningful ways.

  2. I hope you'd choose John Carter from the book rather than the movie...

    1. Hey, I _liked_ the movie. Am I the only one who dares to admit it?

    2. I enjoyed the movie as well, but the books are much better.

  3. I'd settle for making titan/black ops bridges open to corp mates only and jump bridges to alliance mates only.

    And reduce their jump distances, of course.

    1. I wonder how much it would shake things up if you had to bridge your fleet *to* a titan instead of bridging *from* a titan.


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