And now a good day!

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After a week of frustration and stoopid, it was great to finally have another solid day in Eve. Don't get me wrong, the past week saw its fair share of awesome, but it was tinged with some serious derp on my part.

In the spirit of my recent troll commenters I will not attribute yesterday's successes to anything that happened "out-of-game". I won't mention how great yesterday was out here in the real world, or how rested I was, or how things are starting to look up a bit. Since it seems that I constantly make "excuses" for the stoopid things I do, I won't make any for having a good day. Somehow this makes sense to someone I suppose.

As usual, I didn't have a lot of time to play. But I threw up the usual gang of misfits and undocked in something horribly fit for a quick jaunt around the area. Typically I have to fly in really bad ships to get fights, but even that wasn't working. So I figured maybe something more obvious might work. I flew back to base and jumped into a Hawk. When I undocked I noticed this Kestrel hanging around the station.

In the spirit of Kill All the Things I locked him up and started dancing. He was neutral, so I didn't expect anything to come of it. He thought about it a really long time and I give him all the credit in the world for what he did next. He shot back! I admire that kind of courage, but I exploded his ship anyway. I let his pod go for his bravery and we spoke a bit afterwards. Good guy, will probably join Stay Frosty someday.

After a few frustrating near misses with the hawk, it being slow and generally not fast, I decided to switch to a much quicker Slicer. This ended up being a good decision and not the usual, "Oh my God, if only I was still in that other ship!" decision.

By this time of day we usually have a good handful of pilots in the standing fleet and we started chasing this Caracal around. Off a gate, in a plex, off a plex, at the Sun, the usual game of cat and mouse, when the mouse is fit with Rapid Light Missiles! Eventually my speed was too much for him and I caught him off a gate. I paid the price for that point and was quickly on fire!! ( As I usually am! lol ) But by then my fellow pilots had arrived and I warped off to heal up and quickly return, still on fire to boom the nasty Caracal.

Still on fire I warped to the out gate to find an Atron sitting there. I cancelled my warp and locked him up. I could smell the smoke of his brain working things out and he finally decided to shoot me!! Silly Atron, tricks are for kids.

Good thing we all got some practice on killing a RLML Caracal, cause lo and behold two more popped into local. This time Sea's Scythe was used as bait and he got the initial point well off a plex gate. Luckily it didn't take long to boat up there and lend a helping hand in booming yet another unlucky Caracal. Nicely done guys! The other Caracal managed to get away after taking some damage, but eventually was caught and popped a few systems over.

I flew back to base for reps, my Slicer was on fire again! When Sea announced he had point on a Stabber in local. I didn't even have time to rep my Slicer, so I switched out to the Hawk and undocked. Sadly Sea's Scythe popped just as we all landed, Hero Tackle!, but we managed to corral the Tusker Stabber into submission rather quickly.

Not a bad day at all. 3 Caracals, a Stabber, and a couple of nice frigates.

I won't mention that it was a short day for me, since I had to take the boys to some Halloween parties. Cause really, that would be beside the point.

Cheers. That was a Monday and I didn't even die.


  1. Sounds like you all do a lot of chasing things in small ships. How excited would you say you are about the warp changes? Any ship you think you will fly more come the 19th?

    1. We are very excited. Maybe ceptors will become more common in Low Sec now? Or else we'll fit up a swarm of them and go hunting in null.

    2. In my mind Intercepters are the natural pirate ship - small, fast and allow you to cover a lot of distance fast to get that tasty kill. Rubicon is going to be awesome

  2. Oh come on, 3 dudes calmly and politely pointing out that you gave too many excuses for losses in your recent posts isn't trolling, it's just normal criticism (deserved or not).

    Otherwise, congrats on the kills!

    1. I know. But I take great joy in mocking them all the same, it's good fun.


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