October 2013 Results

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The sixth month of Stay Frosty is in the can. Despite tremendous pressure from outside forces bent on our destruction, October was one of our better months. The Corporation added about thirty new pilots during the course of the month and has grown to over 132 members!

For the month Stay Frosty accounted for 1,365 kills to 849 losses. Our efficiency was only 50%, but mostly that was because of several costly T3 losses (cough!) that some of our members suffered. The good news is that I don't care! As long as everyone is having fun, making isk and enjoying the game, who cares about efficiency. Y'know, as long as it doesn't dip into horrible negative territory, which speaks to a whole other set of problems.

Once again it looks like Joffy will be the proud recipient of the distinguished HICKS Award for leading the killboard in total kills and solo kills. I believe this will be the third time for him, so congratulations Joffy! Well done.

It is so encouraging to see many new faces on this month's list, each and every one of whom is a great pilot and a good friend. Well done to everyone, even if your name isn't on the final lists, all of you have contributed to making Stay Frosty the greatest group of misfits in all of New Eden.

We have some more surprises in the works for the coming months as our ebil pirating ways spread even further around New Eden. So don't be surprised when you start seeing Frostian's in your neck of the woods!



  1. Wow impressive Jovy :)
    yep sorry I brought two tengu loss hehe, and I'm still pretty bad at pvp... But having fun!


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