Rubicon Predictions

Tomorrow we cross the Rubicon. We shall all forfeit our Imperium and face death and dishonor. Gulp.

Ok, maybe not. But the relation to "crossing something" is deliberate and CCP would like us to think we are on a journey of no return with this latest expansion. If everything holds up the way it seems, I suspect they might actually be right this time. Maybe. So here are some last minute predictions about what you can expect from getting your ankles wet crossing the line of death and entering Rome.

My Crystal Ball of Expansion Predictions

• Everyone hops into an Interceptor and goes Ludicrous Speed!! They have fun for about 39 jumps before they try to tackle someone and realize that the main fleet is 37 jumps behind them! Suddenly all of New Eden realizes something that Hero Tackle pilots have known for years, arriving 30 seconds BEFORE help is a sure way to die horribly.

Kick the tires and light the fires. Speed is great, but generally speaking it just means you die a lot faster. But not in bubbles after tomorrow! This might be the greatest single change ever for Eve PvP, but remember to hurtle with caution.

I fully suspect some seriously hilarious deaths from this change in the coming days.

• Carpel Tunnel Syndrom Increases! One result of the speed change is the increase in the amount of spamming you will be doing to your d-scan button. Orbit that button carefully, cause that new dood in local is now ON YOUR FACE! Click. Click. OH MY GOD!!

Should be fun.

• Overview Clutter! Suddenly all of these idiot players have structures they can put up in space! And who thought this was a good idea? I imagine my overview is going to be full in a week or so of Siphons and Bunkers and other things. Ahhh!

So overview management... again! Sheesh. And what are we going to call these things in gang? Everyone warp to that Depot, y'know the 16th one from the bottom. Can we name Depots?

• White Ships Ahoy! Look for some hilarious kms from the new SOE Ships. If this is anything like the Gnosis it should be a fun week as people buy them and fit them without a clue.

• I'm not even gonna touch the hilarity that hi-sec Custom Offices are going to cause. I don't understand hi-sec and this isn't going to help me in that regard anytime soon. Have fun with that.

One last prediction. Rubicon will go down in history as one of the best expansions, certainly top five, in Eve. It is FREE and it should be awesome. Lots of ground-work being laid for the next two or three expansions, and content that seems naturally expandable for once.

I'm looking forward to it. You should be also.

Any predictions of your own?


  1. Since the new SoE ships have a considerably longer recloak delay than the current t2 covert ops ships, i think you will have a lot of perplexed people getting caught on gate, when flying them, regardless of shitfit or not.

    Plex farmers will hopefully have to be little less AFK.

    Large fleets traveling long distances will be forced to use fleet warps to stick together. Especially if its a BS fleet, since logi will be way ahead of them in those cases. With bombers being as prevailent as they are today in the null sec game, the meta will shift even further away from battleships, unless you have mobile school busses aka titans.

    Marmite will have more people to ransom in High-sec.

    Some lower end moon minerals might rise in price, syphons will push gains from the tower below fuel cost.

  2. More ways to introduce pvp type activities in High Sec.

  3. I don't think your dscan is going to be too cluttered with deployable structures. Each of them can be blown up, and rather easily. And they drop loot. This is EVE. Blowable-uppable things get blowed up. Blowable-uppable things that drop loot get blowed up tout de suite.

  4. My high-sec PI alt will be closing shop until/unless someone replaces the CO's he uses (and maybe even then). With 10% tax I can make enough isk to make the isk/hour worth while (barely), but 17% will end that. Sorry to all those who buy my nanite repair paste, but prices will be going up.

  5. Seriously tempted to fly around highsec in a Stealth Bomber fleet looking for groups of Battleships getting yellow tags from shooting POCOs.

    Too bad we can't bomb them.

    1. This is one of the few days I wish I had a (almost) positive security status

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