The Buck Stops Here

I am the CEO of Stay Frosty. I am not a Dictator however, I take my cues from the members and from my appointed cabinet of fearless Directors. Every member of Stay Frosty has a say in what happens, both in chat, email and on the Corp forums.

It isn't complicated. We don't have Sov or any grand plans of conquest. We are pretty simple folk who simply wish to fight the good fights when we find them, undock and have some fun. So running Stay Frosty is a lot like herding cats.

As CEO I do feel it is my duty to stand for my members, to be their advocate both in and out of game, to encourage them, to defend them, and to help them in any way possible. This is what I do. If one of our pilots gets into trouble I will derp myself in order to help. I've done it numerous times, sometimes successfully and sometimes not. But I never hesitate.

That is how I lead. By example. I play the same way our members play. I take the same risks they take. This isn't some glorious subterfuge on my part, it just so happens that the play-style I enjoy the most is exactly how Stay Frosty is built. Duh. That is kind of the whole point.

I've taken a lot of heat and criticism in the past for how I translate that philosophy here on the blog. It happened back when I was CEO of Lucifer's Hammer and it is happening again. That's fine. I often post wearing my CEO hat and I often post wearing my player's hat. The "heat" derives from other people's desire to put me in a corner and have me behave according to their own rules. If we've learned anything together during the last four years of this blog, it is simply this - no one puts me in a corner.

I say and do what I want both here on this blog and in-game. I listen to my readers, those that have the courage to sign their comments, those on tweetfleet, my friends in the community I serve, and my pilots. But I make my own decisions. This blog has its own voice and will continue to remain so as long as I am writing it. You do not have to like it, read it, pay attention to it, or in any other way acknowledge its existence. That is totally on you.

I will continue to talk openly about events that are happening in-game. And I will use my own judgement when it comes to determining which of those are worthy of mentioning in a post and which are not. No one else makes that decision. The buck stops here.

It has been this way for over four years and it will continue. No amount of harassment, anonymous comments, or anything else will stop that. So get used to it, or ignore it, either way is up to you.

I wrote yesterday's post because I had to. It was the last piece of a puzzle. I tried to write it straight, but in an entertaining way. I am always mindful of my readers and try each day to provide an entertaining read.

I don't expect my readers to know the full story of why, how, or what is behind every post. Especially one like yesterdays. I have my reasons. Sometimes you need to do something just to say you did it. Publicly. Out in the open.

Personally I couldn't give a rat's ass about that other Corporation. I have much more important things to deal with these days. But, as CEO, there remained one last thing to achieve. And yesterday's post achieved it.

Consider it the closing of a chapter if that makes you feel better. A chapter I personally closed seven months ago, but which other forces continue to re-open.

Keep the courage.


  1. We are getting deep in obsessive ex territory mate ..

    "But, as CEO, there remained one last thing to achieve. And yesterday's post achieved it." You piqued my curiosity. Would you mind explaining what you were trying to achieve with this fake apology / passive-aggressive post about "that other corporation" dropping Black Ops on your gang?

    1. Jeepers Mr. Anon Commenter, I really don't owe you an explanation. And for another thing, you can throw labels around all you want, "obsessive ex" and "passive aggressive" seem to be your favorites, but - as I said in reply to your last comment - calling a fish a lion doesn't make it a lion.

      I talk about a lot of things on this blog, does that make me obsessive about them as well? Or does posting over and over and over again Anonymously make YOU obsessive? Hmmm?

    2. Rixx isn't being the obsessive Ex in this scenario. If you think he is you probably need to reevaluate your sense of human interactions. He's not the one who installed a spy who then had a bunch of guys organize and pull a blops gang 30 some jumps through lowsec (or four cyno hops) to interrupt a pos bash.

      I think I know what the achievement is: 'Achievement Granted: Making some coprophagic anonymous eve pilot strain their brain trying to figure it out, and make said pilot have to ask before their brain melts'

    3. "He's not the one who installed a spy who then had a bunch of guys organize and pull a blops gang 30 some jumps through lowsec (or four cyno hops) to interrupt a pos bash."

      Paranoia much

    4. If I sign my name do I get an explanation? I'm curious too.

      P.S. Zedrick, I wasn't able to join that Black Ops party, but it clearly wasn't 30 jumps or 4 cyno, we are on a campaign that allowed for a quick jump unto your BS gang. You guys were not careful and they took the opportunity for some good killmails, nothing to write home about. Don't worry too much, despite what you guys think the Tuskers are not following you around and you can have fun in your new home system.

      P.S.2 Rixx, you know ... I don't think "Anonymous" is a single person picking on you ... ;)

    5. Maybe. Of course we aren't the ones stalking are we? Sure sounds like something an obsessive ex would do, doesn't it?

      When did I write that post about people calling you the names they personally fear the most? Wasn't that a few weeks ago?

    6. Helios -

      No real mystery here. My stalkers have been demanding a public apology for months in dozens of secret convos with their boss and their leadership. Something most people wouldn't know about. So I finally figured I'd give them what they want. Although I took my inspiration from their own "apologies" to us after they screwed up that 1v1. Since they seem to think that qualifies as an apology, I figured it was worth a shot.

      And no "Anonymous" isn't one person. Although that specific Anonymous IS actually one person, or at least, one IP address.

    7. "My stalkers have been demanding a public apology for months in dozens of secret convos with their boss and their leadership"

      That doesn't even make sense, why would someone secretly convo their boss/leadership to demand an apology from you, nothing that leadership can do about that. Besides anyone that knows anything knows that you'd never apologize anyway.


    8. Well no, I have nothing to apologize for. But everytime I say "Hey can't we just get back to good fights around here?" I'm told, "No Rixx, not until such a time as you see fit to publicly apologize for your gross acts of malfeasance!!"

      So there ya go. I is soo very, very sorry for upsetting the great and powerful Oz.

    9. Oh, that. This apology thingy isn't secret, it was discussed openly on our forums. Not to be pessimistic, but from what I remember (I don't want to talk for other Tuskers) the idea was pretty much rejected because 1) it would certainly not be heartfelt and 2) that isn't our objective for this war.

      Our original intent (I'm no emissary, that's my take on it) was to make Hevrice a difficult place to live so you guys would go have fun elsewhere. Since we are not giving each other good fights anymore (thanks to this pointless rivalry), ST-FR presence just means a constant stream of negativity in local and less prey for us because of overcrowding.

      The Black Ops stuff was just taking advantage of a good opportunity. I (an probably many others) wish the best to Stay Frosty, as long as we don't have to live next door to each other.

      Concerning all the rest, while this is entertaining to read (hell that's why I'm here!), I would join my voice to others in advising you to let it go.

    10. "Letting it go" is a common refrain. Personally it was let go the day I resigned from the Corporation. Then a bunch of people convinced me not to resign and to stand up. Which I regret doing even today, believe it or not. That is what truly caused the "drama" that so many people blame me for, those actions and the reactions from those involved.

      The rest is just me playing to the crowd and building recognition for a new Corporation built on the image of Old School Pirating, which is why I joined a certain other corp in the first place for.

      That is the true nut of it. Choose to believe it or not. Either way.

    11. I was actually just saying that it was strange that someone in our corp would have secret meetings to demand that you apologize, makes it sound like a big conspiracy.


    12. Well not "someone", actually every one of your Directors and your CEO at various times during the last seven months. So whatever you want to call that. I never said "secret" just that I never spoke about them here on the blog, so people wouldn't know about them.

    13. "My stalkers have been demanding a public apology for months in dozens of secret convos with their boss and their leadership"

      Must have misunderstood that then


    14. No, that is just a bad sentence. It should read, "My stalkers have been demanding a public apology from me for months, in series of non-public convos between me and their boss and leadership."

      That's still bad sentence structure, but it gets the point across better.

    15. What do you mean it isn't 30 jumps? (Okay, it is 27)

      And maybe you can get there in under 4 hops with a blops..nope.,444/Hevrice:Gultratren

      Well, you had to get out to the area with those ships somehow...oh, but you were on a campaign. Looks like you were in Sinq. Fine, 3 cynos or 15 jumps. (10 if you want to shorcut across a 0.5)

      You know, I'm not a paranoid type, but when you add up the various bits and pieces. It looks an awful lot like stalking. I used to do this kind of thing you may remember. I recognize my own.

      Now, I'm not going to speculate as to the *reasons* why The Tuskers happen to be stalking Stay Frosty. I only know half the story that I read off eveoganda. But if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it is probably a duck stalking you if you can keep hearing and seeing it...

    16. Just my opinion, but....

      They like to shoot things, you like to shoot things. Your fleet was vulnerable, they took advantage. If situations were reversed, you would have done the same. Calling folks "stalkers" because you are beat by them does not equate to low sec happiness. Look at what happened, draw the lessons that lie in the killmails, adapt, undock, and give it another go. Just my humble opinion, which means very little in the final analysis.


    17. @Zedrik Cayne

      In fact Gultratren is about 6-7 jumps from our campaign staging system (before you find another conspiracy, yes we chose this area before you guys decided to move in Gultra). That's a short trip for about 1bn worth of kills.

      And yeah, announcing publicly (you have an open door policy, remember?) when and where you will undock a fleet of shiny battleships is a dangerous thing to do. As usual in EVE, better to get over it, learn the lesson and try to do better next time!


    18. Your staging system must be awfully quiet. There's no kills within 6 jumps of Gult on your killboard except for 'shiny battleships' of Stay Frosty.

      Like I said. I used to stalk and kill folks for fun and so little profit it was to laugh. I recognize the behavior. @Ian+Helios, the written word is a very poor way to measure someone's feelings, but an excellent way to determine what a person's attitude is. I believe that (in aggregate) the corporate entity known as The Tuskers pay more attention to the corporate entity known as Stay Frosty. Sometimes to the exclusion of other entities in the spaces where we both roam. (By about 20% if you take average kills per hour, target selection and area of operations.) I can't speculate as why, and the analysis is only based on a couple months worth of kills so the sample isn't very big.

      A bit of data analysis is fun!

    19. Dude ... you took the time to run that data analysis and you still don't know where our staging system is? There is a section on our public killboard called "Mateber campaign". The info is probably already in the MOTD of our public EVE channel as well ... But yeah, Mateber is actually 8 jumps from Gultra according to Doltan, sorry about that.


    20. Heh...'Took the time'... I have tools laid about from my activities when I was doing the whole IEEE thing.

      I don't actually care that much really. Hence not checking your in-game public channels, or doing much research other than a range/kill/target sift.

      Just saying that the pattern of operations is familiar and fits the same curves as what I used to do during 'low level harassment' contracts. And while analytics cannot give the intentions of a single person, they do give the general thrust of any large-ish group of people. Now, whether by corporate policy, orders from above, a reward system, who knows, the activities point at a systematic preference for hunting frosty folks.

      'Stalking' may be a bit over the top. But a bit of hyperbole never hurt anyone right?

  2. Lord Thomas CochraneNovember 15, 2013 at 10:05 PM

    My unsolicited opinions and observations...

    The war dec by the Tuskers makes sense from a certain perspective... a good number of our pilots aren't full-blown reds (myself included, still waiting for my hauler alt to skill up before I take the sec status plunge), and makes it a lot easier to engage us in fights that don't involve sentry guns. There are a few details, though, that change the perception of the war dec (at least from my somewhat limited point of view) from a simple decision to find better "goodfights" and more of a targeted effort to harass Stay Frosty for whatever purpose. For one, Stay Frosty has existed in Hevrice since May, but we weren't wardecc'd until late September. In that time, there was plenty of combat between us and the Tuskers, the vast majority of it goodnatured and followed by gfs in local without any consideration of sec statuses. After the wardec, that kind of combat did not continue, and was instead consisted of station camps and insta-locking Tornadoe off the undock. Then alts flying ECM started dropping in to Tusker vs Stay Frosty fights, Meebz decided to start smartbombing gates around Hevrice, and the general nature of the relationship soured. Hell just yesterday I was playing station games with Meebz and Rat Finkle and I managed to blow up Meebz's Hawk due to a neutral's intervention. I offered a gf in local and got no response :(. Its obvious as well that we have _spais_ in SF - we have 0 recruitment security - so it's also kind of strange to see people denying that the blops'ing of our pos bash was spur of the moment and not planned in advance (as far as I know, discussion of the pos bash was limited to the member forums and corp chat, though I could be wrong). My very longwinded point is that though the Tuskers continue to say they're not overtly focused on us, their actions speak otherwise, at least in my experience.

    TL;DR Tuskers seem preoccupied with us despite them saying otherwise.

    PS - It is also my belief that this preoccupation is limited to a small group of pilots and is not indicative of the whole corp per se (I have no way of validating this). Also I kind of enjoy the war as its made me a better pilot, and I have no problem with getting ganked, stationcamped, or smartbombed. I mean, getting ganked off the undock or smartbombed on a gate sucks, but this is still a game (so srs) and I don't begrudge anyone using a creative way to blow up my space pixels. Looking forward to future fights, blueballing and other shenanigans.

    1. 1. Since Rixx quit Corp, for someone who had 'let go', its sure a LOT of mud slinging, trolls, videos and memes - and this is places public has access to.

      2. Since the War Dec, Tuskers have over 5000 kills, STFR is less than 200 out of those. Believe it or not, we like to shoot spaceships, youre just another target. A formal one because of the war dec.

      3. Please 'nomad' - i see you guys complain about game mechanics when it suits you. E.g. You didnt have a problem setting up a POS with links inside, in Hev. But you have a problem with enemy using link alts. Ok.

      TLDR - take off the tinfoil hat, get off the undock and have fun. Losing ships will make you better, as long as you learn from your mistakes - rather than keep blaming the ingame bugs, CCP servers, your cat, your son, your real life issues, Obama, the Ozone layer, no-fat snacks, healthy meals etc.

    2. Lord Thomas CochraneNovember 16, 2013 at 5:58 PM

      1. You'll notice that I didn't address anything about Rixx's and Tuskers' personal relationship, whatever that is. All I noted was that from my limited POV it seemed like whatever Rixx said recently on this blog had gotten under someone's skin in Tuskers because...

      2. Tactics from Tuskers seemed to change after the war dec. I never commented on total kills or anything of that nature, but rather that combat changed from the usual reshipping and escalation to smartbombing on gates and ECM, as well as a general sour attitude. Which leads me to...

      3. As I said originally, I have no problem with anyone using the full spectrum of game mechanics in a fight. I've ribbed some in local before about having links, but that's about it. Hell, your own pilots have told I've been a good sport about fights that I've lost, whether they be vanilla 1 v 1s or well-orchestrated baiting. I can't speak for everyone in corp, but I'm not ashamed of blobbing, ganking, or fighting with implants. All part of the game.

      TL;DR Nothing about the war has changed my game, except for forcing me to become a smarter pilot. No scapegoating, no tinfoil hat here. I was merely pointing out that from my (limited) perspective, someone's feathers in the Tuskers seemed a little ruffled, that's all. But like I said, I enjoy the whole situation and look forward to future fights.

    3. Reason we had to lower ourself to such methods (and its p. much only against st-fr that we use them) is a: No one likes rixx in corp so we like to see him (and by accociation all members) dying. And more importantly B: This is/was the only way to get a actual fight out of st-fr, you used to sit in hev for hours, at first you only engaged when you outnumbered us, then you stopped engaging at all (of course there are/were excpetions). The only way to get a fight was shooting you for the 5 secs after the undock or we would never see you in space again.

      There have been wardecs before,and this is the first time we did this, simply because at least to us, st-fr showed extraordianry cowardice on such a level that it no longer could have been ignored (and cause this cowardice was shown in our home system). So what do you do to a person that always runs? Yes, you force him to fight, and in eve that can only be done by camping/smartbombing and the like.


    4. Trololololol.

      You can tell when a post is successful when Wolf comments.

    5. I didnt actually read your post, 99% of them are, quite frankly, boring (when you arent supermad about tuskers, if you do that its entertaining). The comment however was quite intersting.

      (this is what happens if you blueball a corp that owns the system you live in btw, at some point they will force a fight)

    6. I highly value open and honest debate, and the exchange of ideas. My entire career has been built upon that foundation. But the endless trolling from Tuskers on this blog has changed my mind regarding allowing ANON comments. So, sadly, after more than four years of zero moderation, no verification and the completely open commenting system I've employed, I have decided to remove the ability of ANON commenters from engaging in trolling further here on Eveoganda.

      This policy will remain in force until such time as I change my mind again.

      Have the courage to sign your comments, as I have the courage to sign ALL of my posts.

  3. Rixx, how do you get away with Dirty Dancing quotes in your blog?

    Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

    Man. You are so chill.

    I have no dog in the fight but I like your blog. Ugh, CEO stuff, gag me. Get back to killing things, please! :D

    1. Thanks and glad you enjoy the blog. I enjoy writing it. I would encourage ALL my readers to fully appreciate that everything written here has a purpose - to entertain is primary. But I also have other goals and objectives that may not always be apparent at the moment and may only reveal themselves over time.

      This isn't something new, the blog is called Eveoganda for a reason.

    2. personally i read your blog exactly because your writing is entertaining, not so much because i always agree with what you write (even if it happens every now and then)
      not to mention how entertaining the coments can be

      only thing that pisses me off is how so many takes every word as the absolute truth,

      guess i cant really blame mr javixx for that v0v

  4. Rixx, you are getting better at it! Please keep it coming. They still don't get it do they? Feel like my wife's 1 grade students grumpy and complaining how bad others are and how good they are. I'm almost getting one of my alts to join Stay Frosty for the lols.

    Btw: Are you sure they are not goons alts? I hear the same from many them all the time. :-P


    1. Thanks Krull. We'd love to have you or one of your alts in Stay Frosty m8. We're having a blast not giving a crap about this stuff and freaking people out about it.

  5. I think I would like your comments section more without Anom posters. What value do you think they bring? Just curious.

  6. I constantly debate the merits of keeping the comment section open or of closing it to anon comments. I tend to always land on the side of openess and feel that denying them the ability to hide behind anon would leave me open to further criticism.

    As long as it doesnt start getting personal. But again, I may change my mind. Goodness knows they should have the courage to sign their opinions.


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