3000 Ships Exploded

This blog/journal/rag/propaganda magazine is about a lot of things, but one thing it is about is marking the various milestones of my own personal Eve journey. If you go back thru the Archives you'll find plenty of struggles, hard-ships and near disasters. I am, if anything, an open book.

Yesterday I exploded the 3,000th ship of my Eve career. I wasn't trying for anything special to mark the arbitrary nature of that number, since it is rather arbitrary. So the milestone kill wasn't anything special, in fact it was another Venture.

I know there are plenty of pilots with more kills, and significantly more with less kills. But for me personally it remains a rather triumphant accomplishment. And one that I am rather proud of. I still remember my first kill, and racing to 100, 500, 1,000 and so on. I remember being ranked 42,000 on BattleClinic. And I remember my first two and a half years of living in Null and being more than happy with a handful of kills in a WEEK.

I've never played for numbers. I don't multi-box a scout or booster account. I only take drugs for special engagements. So the vast majority of those kills came the hard way. It is just the way I choose to play and not an indictment of anyone else's play style. ( I always feel the need to disclaimer that statement.)

Next milestones? I should pass the 100m skillpoint milestone soon. And then, at some point, the 1k barrier on BC ranking. Which begins the slow climb to number one. Granted, I may never make it, but it is after all the journey and not the destination, isn't it?

And this has been a great journey so far.


  1. Congratz

    I hope you achieve your goal and hopefully will be the other person competing for the number 1 spot with you. I can only but dream right. To next year for both of us -Tips hat at Rixx

    1. Hopefully I get a job soon and my Eve playing time drops back down to normal levels again and it takes another five years to get the next 3k kills. I am certainly the tortoise in this race.


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