A Year of Variety

One of the things I pride myself on is the variety of ships I enjoy flying. I hate getting into a rut and flying the same thing over and over again, I love my spaceships, and want to enjoy them all. I keep a very large hangar and like to have as many ships fitted and ready to go as possible. All my isk goes into ships and the mods to fit and fly them.

But is that actually true?

I decided to check. So I went back over the past 12 months and counted the different ships that I've registered a kill with in Eve Online. Turns out I am actually flying that way. Over the past 12 months I've registered at least a single kill with over 75 different hulls!


Here are the double digit killers in order of most kills to least amount of kills:

• Fed Navy Comet (86)
• Imperial Navy Slicer (84)
• Kestrel (74)
• Sacrilege (62)
• Condor (52)
• Hawk (50)
• Caracal (42)
• Astero (41)
• Daredevil (40)
• Drake (31)
• Dramiel (29)
• Firetail (28)
• Hookbill (27)
• Atron (21)
• Moa (20)
• Tristan (18)
• Incursus (18)
• Corax (17)
• Tormentor (17)
• Vengeance (17)
• Breacher (16)
• Jaguar (16)
• Harpy (15)
• Thorax (14)
• Thrasher (12)
• Brutix (10)

That is a pretty healthy mix of ships, class and size represented in that list. I'm surprised that the Astero landed so high seeing as it has only been available for such a short time, but it has made a pretty significant impact.

The remaining list shows even more variety, but just not as much use. Here is how the rest falls: Taranis (9), Wolf (9), Algos (8), Coercer (8), Merlin (8), Dragoon (8), Lachesis (8), Tornado (8), Broadsword (8), Exequror (7), Hurricane (7), Stabber Fleet (6), Dominix (6), Cyclone (6), Maller (5), Rifter (5), Sentinel (5), Slasher (5), Vexor (5), Cynabal (4), Vexor Navy (4), Manticore (3), Cruor (3), Flycatcher (3), Talwar (3), Zealot (3), Caracal Navy (3), Abbadon (2), Tempest (2), Cormorant (2), Executioner (2), and the rest have one kill each. (I actually just closed the document without saving it by mistake and I'm not recounting! lol.)

I'm pretty happy with the variety represented in this list. Next year I'd like to work even more ships into the active group, like my new Nightmare and the Machs and maybe even some Black Ops and Mauraders, if things work out that way. I am surprised the Tengu didn't make that list since I know I flew it plenty of times... it is possible that I missed a few kills here and there.

Onward and upward.


  1. it's not the destination it's the journey!

    how many AU in each do you have?



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