I keep seeing cloaked plexers cloak up in one plex and re-appear moments later in another plex without having appeared in the previous plex. This has happened more than a few times in the last few weeks. Anyone else seeing this weirdness?

WCS Suck!

The Stay Frosty FFA is on January 26th and we have thousands of Frigates being moved and in need of fitting. We are still looking for sponsors and prize donations. I'll be hitting this hard after the Holidays, but now is the time to get in on the action early and reserve your spot, if interested.

Stay Frosty continues to grow at an amazing rate and we recently added a bunch of new pilots. Welcome aboard everyone. A special shout out to one of our newest members Crazy Kinux who was, and is, the Blogfather and one of my inspirations for starting EVEOGANDA in the first place. The circle is now complete.

Trust me, you never want to have a Kidney Stone!! My god, the pain is insane and unlike anything else. Luckily mine seems to have passed in relative peace after a Friday night of horror, emergency room writhing and wife scaring. Drink plenty of water my friends.

I have over 100 ships in my hanger and it is NEVER ENOUGH!! Yesterday I went back to re-ship and realized the only small T1 Ship I had fitted and ready to go was a Breacher. It didn't last long and ended up on a live stream. Needless to say, I shall be busy fitting more ships today.

No matter how well you do in Eve, someone will always be there to remind you of how much you suck. And if it isn't a person, the game will remind you. And if it isn't the game, your computer will remind you. And if it isn't the computer, then you'll get blobbed, or gate camped, or run into the wrong ship at the wrong time. Get used to it and move on.

Losing isn't the end of the world. Learn something from each encounter and move on. Unless you are losing more than you are winning, if that is the case, then you need to change something. Trust me.

If you are having a bad run, go back to the basics. It works every single time. Trust me.

I sincerely appreciate all of you. You might not know it, which is why I'm telling you.

You really should join Stay Frosty. Seriously, you know you want to.

The year is winding down and the Holidays are right around the corner. Just a reminder.

And finally, since I didn't have much more to say today, have fun. No matter what you are doing, enjoy yourself. Do something nice for someone else. Every avatar is a person sitting alone at a computer somewhere, a person with their own life, their own family, problems, bills, debt, doubts and frustrations. That is why Eve is real. Be real. Be bold. And be human.

We could all do with a bit more of the human spirit in Eve. Just saying.


  1. Damn... thought I'd broken my rss feed when I saw all the miscs :-s

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    This was my first google result after reading misc4 :)

  3. o7 on your kidney stone. Those things suck!

  4. #7 & 8: I need to print and tape to my monitor. Though on the note of #8, when I change things, I tend to do worse. :-/


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