Stay Frosty Frigate Bash

So this past Saturday Stay Frosty held its first ever in-corp bash. A "bash", in my mind anyway (which is where it counts!), is an impromptu event designed to have fun and shoot your friends and corp mates.

Since this was the first one, I decided to play the rules easy and straight-forward. Only t1 mainline frigs, no ecm. We would fleet up, warp to a safe spot and have at it. Pure and simple.

Click to embiggen

We had 13 pilots participate. The above chart was produced by Watson Crick using Cytoscape, and it is an excellent way to see a battle graphically. Red arrows show final blows and yellow show top damage, if different than final blow. The rest show damage inflicted by who to whom. Pretty awesome thing.

Considering this was blue on blue action, the battle reports are all wonky, but we had several Tristans, two Punishers, a Tormentor, a Rifter, and a few Merlins on the field. Originally I had fitted up a tricked-out Merlin to bring, but the fit was so weird it required a faction mod to make it work, so I decided against it. I fitted up a Punisher instead, knowing full well everyone would shoot me first, I 'd try to make it hard on them. But also not be able to pull distance. Which worked out extremely well, I did indeed leave the field rather early. lol.

Joffy also had a target on his back, having won several Stay Frosty HICKS Awards for leading our killboard, everyone wanted to make sure he didn't win! Considering that attention, he did manage to hang in there longer than expected.

After twenty minutes it all broke down the way these frigate fights always do, the brawlers were off the field and the only three left were the faster kiters. We weren't able to finish to the death however, our neighbors showed up with probes and we decided to call it and return home. No sense in getting hot-dropped or blobbed.

We are going to have these every so often, next time I'm thinking of having everyone show up in Ventures and fight in the system belts. That could be a lot of fun. But there is an endless supply of ideas to choose from.

We have two videos of the event:

Speaking of Stay Frosty Events, later this week I'll be announcing the date for our Frigate Free For All, so stay tuned for that.

And congrats to Cervantes, Oma and Stan for a great fight. We all had a blast and I'm already looking forward to the next one.