The Mighty Venture Eve Mini-Game

I have a special love/hate relationship with the lowly Venture. On the one hand I think it is an awesome model, one of my favorite new ship models in the game. It reminds me of an underwater vehicle you might have seen in the Abyss, designed by famed production designer Rob Cobb. On the other hand it is a Mining Frigate with WCS abilities built right into it!! Which makes it like salt in the wound of your friendly neighborhood pirate.

No matter what ship I am flying at the moment the words "Venture on scan" are uttered or seen on scan, I will warp into the belt intent on killing it. Since they were introduced back in December 2012, I have destroyed 98 Ventures and podded 67% of their pilots. Yes, I counted them this morning.

I don't hunt Ventures. They are not typically considered "good fights", although I have run into a few Battle Ventures over the last year. Although they also exploded. If I've destroyed 98 that must mean I've tried to destroy hundreds and hundreds of the darn things, since most of the time they get away.

I've destroyed Ventures in just about any ship you can imagine:

With a Daredevil, Incursus, Wolf, Caracal, Tristan, Merlin, Rokh, Astero, Stabber Fleet Issue, Broadsword, Comet, Hawk, and Coercer, just in the last two months!

It is like a bizarre mini-game within Eve. And yes, most of these pilots are young. And no, these are in no way good fights. I will say this however, most of these ships also had the option of simply warping away. I rarely fit two scrams to a ship. In some cases, like the Rokh, I could have made a sandwich in the time it took to lock the Venture.

Why bring this up? I don't really know, I find it interesting and an aspect of the game that is rather odd and amusing. I destroyed two of them yesterday and I was curious about the numbers.

The funny thing is, I have two Ventures fitted up to kill Ventures and I've yet to register a kill with either one. Thing is, every time I undock in one... well, it is a mining Frigate isn't it? And there is always the chance someone like me will come along and insta-pop me with a Artie Wolf.

And that thought usually results in me docking up and grabbing something a little more appropriate.

But not always. Someday the Venture will have its blood.


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