Happy Birthday Stay Frosty!

And Happy Birthday Eve! That's right, Stay Frosty and Eve share a birthday. Strange huh? Almost... like... on purpose?  Well it was! Stay Frosty is one year old today and Eve is eleven. Long may they both reign and endure.

I've talked a lot about my Corporation lately. I'm very proud of it, so sue me. But I am mostly proud of all those that fly under our banner. So today I'm going to be quiet and simply honor those that fly under the Stay Frosty flag. These are the players that make it happen, that face the thunder every day, that rarely log on, that are extremely active, that die, fight and win. And most importantly, that have fun doing it.

I pulled this list from Eve Gate, so hopefully I haven't missed anyone. Here are the pilots and players of Stay Frosty. Along with the goofy titles I gave them:

Eve Criminal Investigations
Adam Steve
Shaken, but not stirred
Aemon Tayrgen
Let His People Go
AgroC Acrag
Much stare, very looking.
Alan Shroue
Is it bright in here?
Alawain Barchuka Barchukas
Tongue Twister
Alessandro Sazas
I loves zee womenz
Alua Oresson
That thing in the corner of your eye
Amarriana Shardani
Where art thou Amenio?
Amerigo Montoya
He Discovered America, True Story
Angelina Molou
Angor Mau
Satan's Strap-on, Director
Anna Soothsayer
Predictions in Belt One
Apollo Enyalius
Arban Staz
This deal costs me 22isk
Aren Arsten
Can't join your stoopid Corp!
Artful foxex
Sweet Georgia Brown
astral dominix
Uber Ship Assploder
You know what a long name means, donttcha ladies?
Axl Shaft
Rock God
Bascule Bererund
IMpressonist Painter of Doom
Beirut Papa
Bomb shelter sex is best sex
Bern Castrata
He was almost a Tusker!
Blake Gates Heleneto
Our Red Shirt
Bloody James
Pwoplw person
Bogdan Yassavi
Lies! It is all Lies!!
Wasn't he in the last Expendables movie?
Brett Birmingham
Go Bama!
Broken Rook
But Fixed the Falcon
Buru Damah
C Azad
You cannot C him!
Caitlin Kittredge
Ivy League School of Hard Knocks
Candy Dolepance
Hottest of the Dolepance Sisters
A Tip 'O the Hat
Captain James Moriarty
Saving the UK one ship at a time
Caroline L Stone
Editor in Chief
Smooth Lovin'
Cervantes Marovinjun
Never failing to impress
Ceye Utara
Ceye Later Alligator
Cheep BoatsnHoes
Half Price for a Limited Time
Chigurh Friendo
This is No Country for Old Doods!!
Ciba Lexlulu
Max Payne
Crazy Kinux
Make me an offer I can't refuse
No Safe is Safe
Not worried about no Thorax
Daichi Avalhar
Man of a Thousand Pants
Zug Zug
Deltron Zi
The Anti-Polar Pirate
Demeisen 00
00000h yeah!
Dem Bones Dem Bones
Desmond Hart
He will break yours!
Devinion Stormborn
He had the name first!
domer Oumis
He is not listening to you
Windmills!! Everywhere!!
Draiv Solregard
Drain Bramaged
Dunmer Orion
80's Rock Guiter God
Duriel Walker
Who needs bitches??
Edar Hauth
Of the Master Race
Egren Alduin
Bald, Bad and Extremely Mad
Eldarin Gage
He has the codes!!
emes korlov
Just Passing By in Local
Eoghan Gorthaur
The Man Behind the MIrror... oooooo!
Dark Elf and Lounge Singer
Este DeStirr
Stirred, Not Shaken
Estria Del
The Very Best at Stuff
Ezra Mernher
Big, Bad and Bald
Things Go Boom
Fangs Mcreaper
Tailgunner First Class
Faohs Dal
Wrong Side of the Tracks
Fire Bush
Exciting & Painful
His Name Says it All
Furious Fukuda
Don't mess with the volcano my man
I killed Simon!!
Gruth McGranger
All I need is a Paper Clip!
Guiik Malluker
Bringing home the bacon
Getting Killed By Ang Gets You Into STFR
Gwendolyn MacDougall
Rixx's Asteroid Mining Fee Collector 3rd Class & CEO Killer
Hanz Riemannder
Hanz da man
Harrigan VonStudly
Get the Hell off my Lawn!!
Heinz Kraessler
57 Varieties of Crazy
Hetton Vir
Making of Fine Combat Boots
Holly Jouhinen
Not just another pretty face
All Soul All the Time
Immortall Aideron
He just keeps going, and going...
ivona fly
Super Cup Champion of the World
Jack Quarintine
I am Jack's utter lack of compassion
James Auffrie
Of the Famous Auffrie Brothers
James T Felmagic
That's Mr. T Felmagic to you
James Tiberium Aurgnet
Three Names of Doom
Jarlaxle Williams
The New Name in Adventure
Jason Groff
Out for the Long Weekend
Jason Wildcat
(john is actually in Supreme Mathematics now)
Jean-Paul Renelard
The Hyphen Makes It Better
Jian Muad'Dib
The Spice Must Flow
Joe Pascalani
He knows a man
Joffy Aulx-Gao
"Guess what ship I'm flying today!", Professional AWOXer
John De Captista
Renassaince Painter and Inventor of the WCS
John Snow Bountyhunter
He always gets his Man
John Wyvern
A Capital Guy!
Johnnie Macaronis
Inventer of the T2 Launcher
JohnTheDemon Valhalla
PvP robot
Kairo Djinn
Mysterious stranger from the East
Kal Therrin
The Bad Cop
Karl Brigandi
Minions Everywhere!!
Kazume Nakuo
Iron Chief and Ransomer Elite
Kei Todaku
Ship Whisperer
The Barbarian
Please Attack Me
Khushil Otomeya
Me Kill Things!
From the 5th Dimension
Fear What You Cannot Pronounce
kyra ismada
Striking Good Looks of Ebil
Lacal in local
Lady Sophie Asphyxia
No One Can Breathe
Laguna Fox
Crazy like a...well, you know
Its the end of the world as we know it!
Lieutenant Chase
He Left His Best Girl Over There
Plenty of Gas
Loki Bartimaeus
God of Mischief and Grilled Cheese
Lord Thomas Cochrane
His Lordliness
Maltese Falcone
When a man's partner is killed, he's supposed to do something about it.
Marc Scaurus
Member for life
Marishka Achmatova
World Gymnast Champion
Marq Aideron
Not a Robot!!
Marve Fleksnes
The kids call me, Uncle Marve
Trading Hight in Pure Ebil
Master Selin
Mike Vader
The Dark Lord's second cousin on his Mother's side
Min Gi
Max Fun!
Min Hevn
Gone and Back Again
Miss Morty
Anyone for tea?
Moortis Primus
Number One Moortis!
Morg Braktar
Keeper of Keys
Mr Veda
You dont want to meet Mrs Veda
A Hell Cat at Heart, but with a Frosty Soul
Narla Asketa
The Last One in Town
Ned Jordan
No One Important
Nikita Laduko
Whispers, Only Whispers
Nikita Tsukino
Industrial Espinage Lvl V
Nix Pardus
You need something!?!
There is no darkness darker
Oliver The Cryptkeeper
The Thunk of a Thousand Years
Oma Lorche
She Who Lurks, Director,
Chin Beards are Back In
The name that says it all
Pixie Lorraine
Magic Dust Bunny
Prda Prda
Kill Kill
Quinn Dreamweaver
HTML Editor Piloting Software & Head of The Rixx Javix Fan Club
His Watership is not down!
Raider Green
Meaner than his brother Raider Blue
Randy Moledance
Wrestling Champion of Verge Vendor
Ras Laduko
or "Skippy"
Raynar Damah
He nevah wears a shirt
Workout Center Concierge
Reed Tannid
Mr. Stretchy Pants
But everything in New York ain't always what it seems
Riddick Ulust
No Time to Write Chronicles!
Riku Kasanagi
Former Giant Robot Pilot
Rixx Javix
Dread Pirate Rixx
Roc Wieler
Freedom Fighter
Rojer Montar
He see's into your soul y'know?
Rouge Orchid
Can't Touch This
Rowen Ura'Sai
Obviously a Spai
Roy Flynn
In and Out.. Like Himself
Sakiyama Maki
Whip my slaves back and forth
Sanguinius signus
He wears his sunglasses at night
Scarlett Lane
Official Corp Thief
Scitor Nantom
Dreamy Eyes
Aquatic Overlord
Shake Toralen
Not Stirred
Si Wang-mu
Happy Sudden Death
Sinclair Ferguson
Scottish Oil Baron
Skir Skor
With a name like this, who needs a title?
Spanky the Loveclown
'Nuff Said
Spike Boromarl
You won't remember a thing
The Picture of Doom
Standup Guy
So a Priest, a Rabi and a Preacher walk into Hevrice
I told you it wasn't important
Level 7 Kaiju
Lost and Found
Sven Viko VIkolander
There can be only one Sven!!
Tali'Zorah vas Neema
Spaghetti God's Noodly Envoy
Look out!!!
Tarkin III
The New Death Star will Rock!
Do not trifle with
Thalo Wolfkind
Is it a Full Moon yet?!?
Theia Jhalavar
Nothing Else Like It
Tregon Marus
ONce a tree is gone, the world will weep
Trekan Kion
Last Surviving Son
Tytus1 Bomba
Master Bomba
Ulfgar Ardo
In like Flynn
Ultra Kaldara
Better than his Brother Mega
Second Moon of Europa
Vagus Malakhov
The Man, The Myth, The Legend
Valem Arbosa
The Devil's Step-Bro
Varrius Durmire
I am not a terrorist
Vatueil Bererund
Reformed Nigerian Scammer
Venom Orchid
Veskin Sentinel
Not actually a spai
Vincent Kaine
Taking care of the Mud
VX 1
Not the snow creature that ripped Luke's arm off
Watson Crick
Docking up for Dinner
will valentine
Love, Hope and Blasters
Willie Wicked
Trouser Snake
Watch out it's Godzeera!!
Zak Stryker
There is a bad Airplane joke here somewhere
Zippity Do
Zeb Horlock
My second cousin twice removed
Clean ice everywhere he goes!

To all the other pilots and players in A Band Apart, you are our family as well, but today belongs to Stay Frosty. Many predicted failure, collapse and doom, and some tried their best to bring us down. But you have endured and succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. Well done my friends.

Here is to the future. Keep the courage.



  2. Hey, I'm still on the list even though I haven't subbed in months!

    I hope to have time over the summer to come back, stupid real life concerns. Glad to see you guys are prospering without me contributing my 1 kill a week!

    Stay Frosty,
    -Estria Del


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