The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

That's right boys and girls, this blogger actually plays Eve each and every day (almost!). It has been awhile since I last wrote this run-down post, so I figured it was time for a new edition. I must warn you, I haven't been dying as much lately for some reason. But I'm sure I have a couple of horrible deaths to share that will make everyone feel better about yourselves.

This is The Good, The Bad & The Ugly! A regular(ish) post where I tell you the honest truth about some recent fights I've had. Enjoy.

The Ugly
I totally derped myself twice recently. The first one doesn't show up on killboards because it was all gate guns. I warped into a fight on a Gate just as most of the enemy was warping away, leaving only a solo Omen Navy sitting on the Gate. I locked him up and waited with my finger on the keyboard, knowing that if he got a shot off he could easily alpha my poor Frigate. I still swear he went red first, but the Gate didn't agree with me and popped my Frigate. I'll save the second derp for later on in the post.

The Bad: Stabber Fleet
This was an excellent kill and a great example of how well our gangs work, when they work well. What makes this one 'bad' is the fact that the victim was streaming the fight and went on and on about nuets being op after he died. And while neuts certainly played a role, the reason he died was because he had 5 webs on him and wasn't moving. The fight would've ended the same way with or without the neuts, that is how you know when something is op or not by the way.

The Good: Comet Vs Slicer
I really enjoy one on one's like this one. Either way, Comet Vs Slicer or Slicer Vs Comet, both sides are (in my opinion) one of the very best one on one combat scenarios in all of Eve. The two ships are perfect against each other, each relying on a completely different set of tactics and skills to fly well. So much of the outcome depends on each ship's fit and pilot skill in flying that fit. This one came down to a simple mistake on his part, he got a little too close at the end and I managed to get scram/web on him. Good fight as always though.

The Good: Slicer Vs Slicer
The only thing better than Comet Vs Slicer is Slicer Vs Slicer! Not much to say about this fight, other than the fact that it all came down to a difference of one mod in both our fits. His fit had a Nano in the lows and mine didn't. Sometimes it is the smallest things that make all the difference.

The Bad: Old Friend
This one is going to take some telling. The end of every month is usually the time I start running low on ships and have to make the trek to Jita to re-stock supplies. This past month was even worse than usual with the move and everything. So it was when an old friend of mine showed up in local after eight months out of Eve. I knew he'd like a fight, I just needed a ship.

Being in a hurry is never, ever good. You make mistakes that you will live to regret. I knew he was in a Coercer and the only fitted ship I had ready that would give a good fight was my Heretic. So I quickly undocked, locked him up and BOOM!!! Y'know, I never even bothered to notice he wasn't negative. lol. That was my second derp of the week.

Having learned nothing from that experience I hastily fitted up my own Coercer and we agreed to meet in a belt. If I had taking a minute to think I would have fitted my own ship a tad differently, but instead I just popped on the standard fit and headed out. I hardly even scratched him before I exploded.

Needless to say, while I was having fun, none of this was going over very well with my Corp mates. Eventually they managed to corner him at a Plex and I brought along the only small fitted ship I had left in the hangar.

Still good to see old friends returning to Eve.

The Ugly
So you've decided that you are going to rat in Low Sec. Then you decide that a Dominix sounds like a good ship to do that with, even though you don't have the skills to properly fit it yet. Then you just happen to do all of this while Stay Frosty just happens to be coming back from a quick Cruiser roam. Man, this is not going to be your day my friend.

The funny part is the Vexor that warped in to see what was going on. Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time!

I'll leave it at that for this installment. Almost everyone else in the Eve universe is over in Iceland at FanFest. Maybe I'll get to go next year.