1v1 EVE COMIC #71

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A short story about a fight. The other day I was wasting time tooling around in a Sentinel solo. This is wasting time because no one will fight me on a normal day, much less when my -10 red skull flashing ass is in a shiny kinda ship. Want to see local empty? Let me jump into system in a Daredevil or something and watch everyone scatter. Heck, sometimes even when I'm in a Tristan or something as pathetic as I can muster. But that is another story.

So, Sentinel. I had logged off in a system the day before in it. We had been trying to catch a gang that had Sentinels in it. So I figured why not buzz around a bit before heading home. As usual, nothing was happening. This is when I jumped into Kedama, which is sometimes a place you can find a decent fight.

I held my cloak and did my usual insanely quick d-scan. Lo and behold, a Thorax and he was in a belt! Which is so close to being a dream it isn't even funny. As usual I ask no questions and I'm in warp before I even fully de-cloak. Speed being the essence and all.

Sure enough, there he is inside an actual belt. Now, couple of things up front. I have no idea who this pilot is, how long he has been playing, what his killboard is or isn't like, how he fits his Rax, or who he flies with. All I know is he is in a Thorax in a belt. Which is all I need to know. I point him and half expect him to warp off under WCS. But no, he stays and starts fighting. Even better.

Right away I know I am in trouble. This Rax is working as intended, so the pilot knows what he is doing. My neuts are keeping the ship managed pretty well, so he does the smart thing and goes after my drone dps. I pull them back, then push them back a few times, but essentially my available dps is dropping one drone at a time. He enters armor. I pull and push range a bit. Trying to find the sweet spot. Meanwhile he is doing some rather good damage to me despite my speed, TD, neuts and whatnots. As usual I start doing math and figure I'm going to pop slightly before he does. Which is only fair, him being a Cruiser and me being a Frigate.

Just then, Cerv enters local in his Garmur of Death. Just as I hit structure he warps in and claims point, allowing me to bail and rep. The rest is history and the Thorax goes down.

Good fight.


  1. It's a bit cheeky to tag that 1v1, considering that Cerv did over 50% of the damage. :)

    How does Garmur vs buffer-tanked Thorax stack up? I would imagine that it has some of the same issues that the Sentinal does, but with longer point range and without the EW capabilities. Or was he able to pin the Thorax for long enough that you could come back and finish it off together?

    1. The COMIC is called "1v1" and every single 71 of them are tagged 1v1. The tag is not for the fight. Nowhere in the fight description do I mention the words 1v1.

      The Rax was in half structure when I warp off to rep my shields, and I returned to help it explode. I was giving Cerv full credit for saving my ass, without him I would have stayed to the bitter end and probably exploded.


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