Shave & A Haircut

Hyperion deployed yesterday and sadly the Hyperion Battleship does not generate its own Wormholes as I was led to believe. Which is a serious bummer. Another bummer is the transparent frills on the Thrasher and Cyclone models. I was hoping CCP learned their lesson with the Vagabond Frill Me Campaign and would stop chopping frills off our beloved ship models. Turns out this latest incarnation is nothing more than a patch bug. So look for the wingy bits to return soon™.

Something that may not return so soon is your overview. If you happened to patch early or missed the advice, you may have doomed your overview yesterday. As you may or may not be aware, one of the new things is the ability to share overview settings with other players. However, if you already have yours set-up and you logged in yesterday without touching it - you may log back in with it all mysteriously vanished.

The fix is simple and ludicrous all at the same time. Remove something, like Gates, from your overview and then put them back. Apparently this solves that bug.

I didn't have long to play yesterday, but I did try sharing my overview with someone and it didn't work. Obviously I need to take a harder look at how that new feature works, or doesn't work.

Hyperion might not have a lot to do with or impact on my own play style, which is fine, not all the patches have to be about me - but it does bring along some much needed changes, updates and whatnots. This is the third of these new breed patches and so far CCP has managed to make each of them rather interesting and meaningful.


And now for the haircut.

Straight up. As much as I despise ECM or WCS, I in no way advocate for their banishment from the game. I would like to see projected ECM limited to Null Space and WCS operational only on Industrial and Transport ships. That is my personal belief on those modules. I will always believe that and will continue to advocate for those changes. They'll probably never happen.

When it comes to T3s I also am not advocating for their banishment. I personally believe that their inclusion on kill-mails when boosting one or more of the involved combatants would be enough to effectively nerf their use - without having to solve this apparently unsolvable problem of having them on-grid. Solo l33t pilots who use multiple link boosts would no longer get credit for solo kills when obviously they are not actually fighting solo. The fact that this is still a thing is one of the single dumbest parts of PvP in Eve right now. And large fleets who use boosts effectively wouldn't care as much about them showing up on kms.

That is an easy fix to a rather complicated problem.

Right now, if you fly thru Low Sec as much as I do, you'll soon notice that almost every system with anyone in it - also has a Legion, or a Loki, or a Tengu, or a Proteus on scan. It is rare to find a system with people in it that does not have a boosting ship on grid somewhere. This is just silliness.

As a leader of an Alliance and generally all-around awesome supporter of Eve and the community I must also admit that adding Link Boosters to kill-mails is not enough. As much as I loathe ECM and WCS at least those ships have to be on-grid with us. They are risking something. The T3 link booster is essentially risking nothing. And that is, in my humble opinion, anti-Eve.

Either put the damn things on-grid with us or give us the tools to find them and kill them. Right now, and believe me we've tried everything, it is essentially impossible to catch and punish them. Most boosting alts are positive or neutral sec status and can sit on gates, stations, and other public spaces with impunity. If they are in space they can cloak or use their natural in-bred resistances to probes. Or, you know, just be smart. Barring a stupid accident or mis-click, they are virtually invulnerable.

This is yet another example of a mechanic that might make some sense in Null Space, being totally subverted and exploited in HS and LS. The knowledge of this invulnerability has warped and tilted the op so far in the boosters favor that it has become commonplace. This needs to change for the long-term survival of Eve in my opinion.

If I am growing tired of it, then we are in some serious trouble.

Put them on kill-mails, bring them on-grid, or give me the tools I need to catch them with reasonable proficiency.

What are your thoughts?