I dunno

I have an original 12" Boba Fett action figure, with all the stuff, even the Wookie pelt. I saved up the original Kenner stamps and sent away for the very first Boba Fett action figure (not available in stores!) that I still have sitting on my bookcase. I've even created fan art for a dream stand-alone Boba Fett movie.

I honestly pretend Jango Fett never happened. And that whole "clone" army is just a figment of someone else's imagination. As sad as that is.

So yes, I never once imagined the dood playing Boba looked like someone's Uncle. This illustrates my thoughts when I shared the details about how I make those ship posters... sometimes you are just better off not knowing things.

I'm going to shuffle this back into my brain and file it under "Boba Fett's Stunt Double". For safe keeping.


  1. A little sommat for you



  2. It's a sad thing when our childhood dreams are destroyed. I'm hoping that old age will strip that blight away.

  3. The Star Wars are the greatest movies of the last ten years. Jarjar Blinks is perhaps my favorite and then Anekin. Not really seen any of the old ones as I am only 16 and not sure if the graphics and fx will be as good?


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