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Is that a Garmur on the front page?!?

It isn't often that something originating within the Eve Community breaks thru into the real world, so pardon me while I make a big deal out of this. But this morning I discovered, during my typical morning rounds on the internets, that my recent illustration series had made the Inspiration Grid. It is one of two featured works today and will slowly make its way down the grid in the coming days and weeks, so the perma link page is here.

For those of you unfamiliar with the site it is an amazing place to visit and see some of the very best work in design, illustration, 3d, architecture, and more from around the world. It is an almost daily stop for me on my "non-Eve" rounds in the morning and I have certainly been inspired over the years by the work featured on the site. I've even hired and worked with artists I've found there, back when I did such things.

I remain hopeful that CCP will decide to work with me on providing the series to an even wider audience. I happen to believe that Eve needs to break from the more traditional avenues it has pursued over the past decade and present itself to a wider audience. This was one reason why I created the series in the first place and today's news only serves to show that it has the power to break thru into unexpected arenas. For me personally, even if CCP can't see its way to working with me, I'll continue to promote my work where I can. It is even more important for me to do so. As this is all part and parcel of my life. I'm not a hobbyist, I am a professional and need to make a living from my work. One way or the other.

And while I can't sell these pieces without CCP's help, I can use them as a tool to promote my other work. And I will.


In other news. We are on schedule for the Prize announcements from last Saturday's Stay Frosty FFA event and those should be posted this weekend. You can imagine the amount of work that goes into analyzing 5,000 killmails and determining who is eligible and who is disqualified. I have to especially thank Jason for taking on the brunt of that work for me. He even organized everything into an awesome Google Doc to make it easier to work with, so many, many thanks my friend.

Just a word to the wise about how prizes are awarded. While the rules we establish for the FFA are important, we try not to be rule nazis about it. If you are obviously an asshat you will be disqualified from winning, but there are a lot of judgment calls to be made and I always try to land on the fair side of those. This is Eve after all. In addition, the younger a pilot is, the more leeway I give them. We want to encourage young players not discourage them.

So stay tuned for that announcement this weekend.

Until then, undock and have some fun.


  1. Nice coincidence, the naked Garmur is currently my work desktop background. Congrats on your work being recognized and hopefully that beautiful ship and your rendering of it will inspire someone somewhere out there :D.


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