4,436 Kills Later (or 4,357 Kills Later)

Don't ask. Long story.

On this day last year, I was writing about my 3,000th kill.

So this year I've managed to explode 1,436 more ships (or 1,357 more, depending on which messed-up killboard you want to believe, or 1,359 if you go with yet another kb). Which is a lot of explosions.

Let's take Eve-kill's monthly stats, which show us this as far as the monthly totals go:
December: 46-16 (65.94%)
November: 92-37 (65.83%)
October: 78-37 (52.19%)
September: 92-39 (61.51%)
August: 88-26 (71.36%)
July: 92-28 (66.24%)
June: 93-30 (65.70%)
May: 164-56 (62.73%)
April: 137-32 (66.68%)
March: 178-47 (61.57%)
February: 156-47 (61.80%)
January: 217-53  (56.88%)

TOTAL: 1,433-418 (63.2%)

As usual the killboard numbers do not add up, which is fine. As we all know by now, I do not play Eve for kb numbers, or rankings, or anything like that. On the other hand of course, they do provide a benchmark. And there is nothing wrong with keeping track along the way. That's why we have them after all.

My personal choice is to play Eve on Hard Mode. Mostly Solo or with a Wingman (PLH reports my average engagement is with 2.25 ships, which is pretty awesome!) and without links or drugs for the majority of my play-time. This is NOT a judgement on how other people choose to play Eve, simply a statement on how I choose to play. (Man, someday I'd like to be able to write without all the qualifications added.)

As far as numbers go these are better than a lot of people and much, much less than many others. I know this. I'm not even trying to rack up numbers, all I do is undock and fly around trying to explode things when I play. Which is something that only gets more and more difficult to do. Me entering local is sure to make things happen one way or the other.

Rixx enters local:

1 - Everyone leaves local.
2 - Everyone docks up.
3 - Links go up.
4 - Some poor schmuck doesn't know me.
5 - They haz back-up.
6 - They haz a whole fleet!

Fun times. Which just makes my job even more difficult and the numbers even more better. Which makes me a happy Pirate.

And that is yet another year in Eve on the books. What will my seventh year bring? Or is that eight years? I'm losing track...


  1. for the record, Ray Lewis flies a Paladin. Merry Christmas!

    1. lol, well I'll just enjoy my Steelers playoff run for as long as it lasts.

  2. Oh man I can't remember which Christmas it was.. might have been last year, maybe a couple years ago already?

    Undocked one of my Rifters, but instead of a Rocket launcher I had a festival launcher with snowballs. Few jumps into my roam and it was just you and me in local and I think you were in something way outside my class.. Heretic or something? You might have still been a Tusker!

    Perfect guy to throw some snowballs at... and I died super fast :D

    There. My Rixx in local story. :D Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays


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