It is the time of year when people around the Eve Universe start thinking about, posting about, and launching campaigns for the upcoming new year of CSM Elections. The Council of Stellar Management (CSM) is a player-elected body of player representatives that work on our behalf in conjunction with CCP to help steer the overall direction of Eve Online.

I've had my own issues with this rag-tag group in the past. Goodness knows it didn't all start out so great and there have been some rather embarrassing incidents over the years. But overall these last few years have been outstanding in my opinion. So kudos to all those involved and well done for the most part.

Every year I tend to pause at some point and give some thought to the idea of running. And every year I come to the same conclusion. I still believe that my strongest advocacy of Eve happens outside of the official world, NDAs, and politics naturally involved with being on the CSM. This in no way detracts from the efforts of those that choose to run and are selected to serve. It has much more to do with what I strongly believe is my role in the Community and how best I can continue to serve in my own unique way. Something I feel rather strongly about and which I think would be tempered in any sort of official capacity.

On top of which I am just freaking busy. All I need is something else on my plate. I have to also consider my other commitments, which are substantial, and not just those that involve Eve. I'm still struggling to re-build a career after the closing of my business in January 2012 and the crushing aftermath that followed. Things are just now starting to fall into place again on that front and my focus has to remain on that struggle. Plus family. Plus running Stay Frosty and trying to build A Band Apart into a powerful Alliance. Take care of Eveoganda. And draw purty pictures. And figure out how to use Element3d. I mean, my plate is really hefty.

Some days I can barely see straight.

So yeah, no CSM for me. Once again I'll fully support the Council and do everything I can to help those I believe in get elected. And then keep a close eye on them once they are in. Eve is going places and we need the right people to ensure it gets there.

As for me and my house, we'll be staying right here. Yelling from the sidelines like a bunch of loonies.

Maybe next year. lol.


  1. Admit it. If you were elected and CCP decided to add hats to EVE, there is no way you'd be able to not break the NDA.

    1. Oh CCP is gonna add hats to Eve. No question. And I'd break that NDA before the ink was dry!

  2. I hope you don't have regrets about not running for CSM, ever
    1) Eve requires commitment
    2) Running a corp and building an alliance requires commitment
    3) Running a nice blog requires commitment

    Don't let EVE take over more of your life, keep your focus on your struggle and be there for your family

    1. No regrets. I live my life to the best of my ability to avoid having them. As much as possible at least.

  3. If I run. (I will decide by this weekend) I will be saddened that I don't have you as a competitor/potential colleague.

    And I will hold NDA on hats, if only to see you squirm.


    1. If you run you'll have my support once again my friend. And I'd at least expect some hints here and there.

  4. It's be awesome if you ran Rixx. Of course I'd hate to see anything you do now lessen because of CSM taking your time.

    As for hats in game. CCP would be crazy not to add them. Even crazier to not hire you as a 3rd party designer of said NDA'd, err, I mean unknown if happening hats.

  5. But ..... dressing space barbies!!!!! OMG just think of the fun \o/. We could have whole entire communities formed around space barbies and fashion shows. "undock? autocannons? frigates?" ... "NO, NO, NO!!! ... hats <---- PUUHHHLLLLEASE!!!! CCP make my day!!!"



  6. If I can't have a propeller-topped beanie, then I don't want hats!

    BTW, the mammoth ship poster ROCKS


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