Pirate's Little Helper

The Pirate's Little Helper is an Eve app that runs with Eve Online and gives you more information about those people in local. I can't give you a review or a direct recommendation since it only runs on PCs and I am a Mac person. But, as the screenshot above clearly shows, it must know what it is doing.


  1. It's also not too bad at locating ships with dscan if the targets stay still long enough. Narrowing down the location can be a matter of seconds once you get it down. Ideal tool for finding carebears to explode.

    The local tool is nice at showing experience, preferred ship type, whether someone is a solo artist, what their k/d ratio is, and things like cyno bait and whatnot. Also, a quick way to see who's in the same corps/alliance at a glance.

    -Xavi Bastanold

  2. Funny my AV complained about he site as suspicious.

    1. That is because PLH watches your clipboard and that triggers the behavioural pattern detection of the AV.


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