So I wake up this morning to some turmoil over on Twitter. I'm slow waking up and it takes me a few minutes to get up to speed. But it quickly becomes apparent that EN24 has finally launched their new forum feature under the title "Tweetfleet" and that the hastag #Tweetfleet users are pretty gosh darn upset about it. That much I get pretty fast, I am after all a quick study.

There is a lot of history here, which I am not all that interested in re-telling. Suffice to say that I don't have a dog is this fight, but I have always been partial to EN24 simply because they sometimes pull my blog posts (and then I get to enjoy the awesome comments!) and they are not run by the Mittani. Anyone that knows me, or reads this blog, should know I am no fan of ego-maniacal Oligarchies. I'm a Pirate at heart and I believe in competition, free markets, puppies, and wuv. Ok, fine. I do try to get along with everyone is the point I'm trying to make.

I will also be open and tell you that Enrique and I speak often. He will often hit me up to chat about things in general, Eve related and otherwise. Been doing this for years. This is also not unusual, frankly there are hundreds of people in Eve that do the same thing. Just last night I spent time chatting with someone about the merits of Open Recruitment. I also gave someone else advice on promoting a new Podcast. I do this a lot.

So instead of joining in on the Twitter outrage, I decided to hit him up for a chat. As we are talking things are only getting worse over on Twitter and people are starting to get pretty angry. A lot of people seem to have very strong opinions about Riverini, which I don't understand. In my dealings he has always been level headed and reasonable. He is also very concerned about the reaction. And upset about it. All of which is understandable. I won't relay everything we discussed, but suffice to say it all eventually works itself out. Diplomacy, what a concept.

We've all done things with the best of intentions that we've screwed up the execution in some way. I think this is a classic example of that in action. I do believe the intentions happened to be good ones, but the execution could have been better. I believe that is rather obvious in hindsight. I also know that everyone wants it to work, at least as a trial, so changes will be made in good faith.

We all make mistakes. And we all tend to rush to judgement sometimes. Somewhere in-between those two things is where Diplomacy lives. Someone told me that in Providence years ago and I've never forgotten it. (Thanks VR, never forget!)

The funny part is, I don't even use forums. (Unless I have to.)

So let's see what happens next.


  1. Rixx Javix saves New Eden! More at 10 .....

    1. I didn't save anything, least of all New Eden.

  2. This reaction was easy to predict. EN24 shouldn't take the name of a prominent part of community for their own purposes, whatever their intentions are.

  3. Riverini tried taking #Tweetfleet for some other bullshit a year or more ago. I can't remember off hand the details. It's nothing more than another attempt to draw more traffic to his site. He steals/borrows the work of others' to benefit him. That's why I can't stand the guy besides being a moron that I took from his CSM debates on Eve Radio live.

    A little history:

    00Sage00 started a Twitter group. A list, as they're called. It was to put Eve players in touch with one another via Twitter pertaining to the game that they love. As with all topics, as I call them, or search terms, a hashtag (#) is placed unspaced in front of a word(s). This allows anyone to search Twitter for anything. #Eveonline, #NFL, #BDSM, etc... Anybody tweeting as specific hashtag will show in the populated list from the search. Prot tip: Hashtagging stupid run on shit that no one would ever think to search for is retarded. Just saying. There's some whacky people out there.

    Back to #Tweetfleet. Tweetfleet was name originally picked and hashtagged for any Eve players on Twitter. Anyone who played could contact 00Sage00 and ask to be added to his list. Anyone following his list that added it as a column to their Twitter browsing app would see the tweets of anyone who was added as a member of his list.

    00Sage00 eventually let control of his list go. @rickypedia took it over and made a new list. The official Eve list is now Tweetfleet @rickypedia. Or by Rickypedia. Not sure of the official tagline for it.

    Tweetfleet was originally kept and was asked by all to keep it Eveonline only Tweets. That's a thing long gone now. But there you have it. It's something started by someone else for a specific reason. For Riverini to try and step in and steal something just because he's wan'ts to make a few more dollars, of for any other motivation, is pure ridiculous.

    1. "It's nothing more than another attempt to draw more traffic to his site. He steals/borrows the work of others' to benefit him."

      I can see how Rixx doesn't have a problem with that.

    2. Wow Anonymous, you hit me hard and deep there. I'm re-thinking my entire life... nope, I'm good.

  4. I'm stunned that EN24 would try to steal the Tweetfleet name. I read that website frequently because I want to get my EVE Online news from a variety of sources, but this move is such an obvious grab for cheap publicity, it has me rethinking whether I should support EN24 at all.

  5. Don't really know much about EN24 (but agree that 'the mittani' is a tad too self absorbed). Like how you assessed this situation and the steps you've taken.

    -Xavi Bastanold


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