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I happened to take a moment this morning to look at the new BattleClinic Killboard layout. It is certainly much better than it used to be. Despite the fact that it seems to have gone completely wonky on me, dropping me almost 200 places in the rankings and adding about 200 losses, it does have some features that are kind of cool. I'm not going to (once again) rehash my position on Killboards, those should be well known by now. Ok I will, skip the next paragraph if you want.

TL;DR: I don't play for killboards. I play for personal satisfaction which is derived almost entirely on a fight-per-fight basis. All killboards are wonked anyway and none of them agree on numbers, especially for those of us that have played for more than five years. They do represent a way to keep track of progress, records, and achievement in certain aspects of the game. I am not anti-killboard, but I also do not allow them to dictate the way I play the game. I could not care less frankly. Your own feelings may vary, and good for you.

One of the new features is a Ship's Used record, which keeps track of the record per ship and when the last time you used it was. That is pretty awesome in my opinion and none of the other sites have anything like it. For a PvP player like myself, it is rather interesting. I fly a lot of different ships, my own records take 14 pages.

Here are my Top Ten ships used in Eve based on total kills in each:

Sacrilege  374 - 14
Comet  357 - 70
Drake  337 - 42
Slicer  298 - 70
Tristan  155 - 50
Kestrel  106 - 25
Daredevil  93 - 21
Hawk  92 - 17
Hurricane  92 - 13
Dramiel  85 - 19

I'm surprised that the Sac remains at the top of the list. I still use the ship, don't get me wrong, but no where near how often I used to use it. The funny thing about that is that most of those kills came within a very small time-frame, back in 2012 when I used to solo camp Lisb. That was during my "life is hell I may quit Eve at any second I only have ten minutes so I'm shooting everything that comes into system" Phase.

More surprising to me is the Drake. I honestly can't remember flying it anytime during the last few years, but the site says I registered a kill in July last year. I'm not looking that up, but I wonder what that was about?  Who knows. I freely admit to being weird about my ships, I like to mix things up and I get bored flying the same things over and over again. Yesterday alone I flew seven different ships and that is not at all unusual.

The only other thing I can say about the Top Ten is that 70% of them are small ships, so that seems about right. Obviously the Drake and Hurricane reflect my years in Null and the gangs we used to fly around back in the day. During my years in Syndicate especially.

Here is the remaining list of ships that have registered double digit kills:

Astero    82 - 12
Crow      82 - 26
Broadsword  80 - 4
Nightmare     75 - 1
Condor       74-29
Caracal      69-11
Tormentor 64 - 27
Vagabond  63 - 7
Atron    62 -20
Sentinel 61 - 6
Firetail    55 - 5
Manticore    54-26
Rokh    52-2
Taranis    47-16
Stabber Fleet Issue  46-3
Breacher 46-13
Harpy 42-9
Merlin 41-17
Slasher 40-20
Incursus 39-16
Rapier 38-1
Enyo 37-9
Vengeance 36-18
Hookbill 36-15
Ares 35-2
Tempest 35-4
Zealot 35-5
Thorax 33-3
Worm 32-3
Wolf 31-7
Rifter 31-17
Moa 30-6
Brutix 29-4
Jaguar 28-10
Sleipnir 27-1
Exequror 26-2
Executioner 26-5
Sabre 25-2
Scorpion 25-7
Abaddon 24-1
Harbinger 23-1
Rook 22-2
Punisher 22-7
Ishkur 22-8
Thrasher 21-9
Algos 21-8
Devoter 19-2
Tornado 17-2
Flycatcher 15-4
Vexor 15-3
Coercer 15-9
Corax 15-4
Tengu 14-0
Cyclone 13-4
Succubus 13-1
Curse 12-4
Myrmidon 12-2
Garmur 12-3
Maller 11-4
Pilgrim 10-4
Cynabal 10-4
Retribution 10-3

Less than 10 kills each: Osprey Navy Issue,Nighthawk,Blackbird,Rupture,Catalyst,Cormorant,Lachesis,Dragoon,Gila,Machariel,Raven,Typhoon,Ferox,Heretic,Dominix ,Maelstrom,Omen Navy Issue,Oracle,Cruor,Gnosis,Stabber,Talos,Venture,Vexor Navy Issue,Megathron,Talwar,Ishtar,Nemesis,Maulus,Arazu,Scythe,Caracal Navy Issue,Kitsune,Anathema,Prophecy,Malediction,Deimos,Griffin,Absolution,Falcon,Armageddon,Brutix Navy Issue ,Hurricane Fleet Issue,Astarte,Eos,Ashimmu,Augoror,Raptor,Phantasm,Hound,Cerberus

Meh, it's all killboard porn I suppose. But it is interesting. I fly a lot of ships.


  1. A concerned MinmatarFebruary 16, 2015 at 11:37 AM

    So you're not a big fan of Cynabals then?

    1. You know that was one of the surprising things for me. And remember this is registered kills, so it doesn't reflect the amount of time spent flying around in a ship. But the Cynabal is one of my favorite ships and I have 4 of them in my hangar.

      I suspect it was a timing thing with that ship. I started flying it mostly around the time I was in Syndicate and then I moved into Low Sec mostly for the past three years. But there are a bunch of ships I noticed on this list today that I want to spend more time flying and the Cynabal is certainly one of them.

  2. I like that report. I might have to do a similar post. My only problem is that, when it comes to reading my API and registering kills, BattleClinic is the outlier. Both Zkillboard and EVE-Kill are very close in number when counting my kills, but BattleClinic is off of those two by 20%. Somebody did a post at one point about why that happens, though I have forgotten both where that was and the actual explanation, but it remains mildly disappointing.

    1. Yeah I have the same problems. Especially with kills that go back to 2008, 2009 or so for some reason. Still an interesting new look for them. I wish someone would make a good "versus" lookup.


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