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Yesterday I discussed the merits of building a proper Mission Statement for your Corporation. This is something that first-timers typically scoff at, but it is critical to focus your efforts and provide clear goals to not only yourself, but those that may follow you. That is a crucial first step along the path of building a Corporation, but there are other steps - like getting the word out - that I want to discuss with you.

For sake of argument let's assume you don't have the inclination to spend six years making an awesome, well-read, horribly creative blog of your own that attracts a tremendous audience every single day. Just for the sake of argument here. So what else can you do to help spread the word about your shiny new idea for a Corporation? And keep in mind, everything is about scale when it comes right down to it, the more you put into it the more you get back. I did in fact spend six years writing this blog, so I do get a tremendous return for that investment. Your time, on your own scale, is also an investment. There are no short cuts to hard work.

Don't despair, there are more tools available to the potential Corp CEO than ever before. Getting the word out is easier than it has ever been before. So let's take a look at the tools that are available to you.

Bottom Line
Traditionally posting a recruitment thread on the Eve Forums is always step one. This is traditionally the first step of starting a new Corporation for good reason and it should remain your very first step. Not only does it work, if you keep it active every day, but it also serves as a handy link you can share with people in a pinch. I still recommend you do this immediately when you are ready to start recruiting.

In-game recruitment ads are a good second step. Just be sure to post them in areas where potential new recruits will be hanging out and not to far from what will be your base of operations. Especially when you are starting out, many people simply don't want to have to move across the universe to test out your new idea. Most people won't. But these ads do work and help to make you "seem" like a real Corporation.

Seeming like a real Corporation is important. Even with only you at the helm, you can do things that make it seem like you know what you are doing. Setting up a forum, even a free one with ads, is better than not having one. What are you going to do about Comms? Do you have a Slack or Tapatalk account? What about a killboard? You don't have to go and set all these things up before you recruit your first player, but these are the things you may need if you want to grow past a few friends. Remember the scale, a few friends may be all you are after.

And get a public channel right away. Do eet!

Social Media
Today we have Twitter, Slack, Skype, Facebook, G+, and many many more tools at our disposal. I honestly can't imagine trying to start a new Corporation without being involved with at least some avenue of Social Media. And while not all of these are important, being involved in at least some of them is. This is where active people hang out together and you should be in the mix.

As a recruiting tool the benefits may not be obvious. But recruiting is about more than just finding people that may want to join your Corporation. It is also about building word of mouth. Everyone already on social media also already comes along with their own audience and network, a network you may not have access to. But they do. Especially if you are starting from scratch, exploiting other people's networks can be very important. We all know someone, and that someone might just be interested in what you are doing.

You may not know this, but I re-tweet every single recruitment tweet I see on Tweetfleet.

Get in there and mix it up. Show some personality. Link stories that you find interesting, that might apply to your goals, and don't be afraid to cheerlead your own Corporation.

Your personal style is going to play a huge part in the type of Corporation you build. There is no way around it. This is a good thing. As the leader your Corporation should reflect you, and likewise, you should reflect your Corporation. This makes you the primary Cheerleader for your Corp. You are its biggest fan, you believe in what you are doing, and you want to jump up and down and tell everyone about it! Go Team Go!!

Remember the scale. Your own scale may vary, but within reason you are the one that believes before anyone else does. So tell them about it. Tell them in local. Start convos. Send evemails to old friends in-game. Get the news out baby!!

I used to drop links to the Stay Frosty article in every local I went thru back when we first started. Every single system, once I started to leave, drop a link. I have no shame.

Luckily, all the photos of me in a Cheerleaders outfit have been burned.

In real life or in-game (or both) friends are the bestest. You can't beat friends. But you can exploit them. Either they can join you on your crazy crusade or they know people that might want to. Friends already sorta kinda like you, so they are great for getting the word out about what you are doing. It is called a network for a reason, a giant spider-web of connections, potential connections, and potential new recruits. Invite your friends to your awesome public channel, talk in that channel, tell them to invite their friends.

You may not have a blog, but you can comment on them. You may not have enough members to set up a 200 man public roam, but you can fly in them. You may not have 14b to hold an FFA, but you can participate in them. Being active makes you active. Not only can you have a lot of fun, but you get to meet new people, hang out with successful players, and learn new things.

Your Corporation is going to be awesome. I just know it.

Tomorrow the last post in this series will talk about what to do when everything goes down the toilet. Tension and conflict baby. Tension and conflict.


  1. This is one of those terrible comments that address a single line, and complain. I'll apologise in advance.

    I'm sorry.

    The idea of a public channel is great . If you use it. Otherwise, it is nothing other than detrimental to your corporation. This leads me to the complaining part. Your channels, (EVEOGANDA, or THE FROSTY HAMMER, or whatever) are predominantly infested by inactive alliance and corporation members. (I use infested because they're harming your corp/alliance.) When you have 30-40 characters in a channel, and only one replies, you look extremely bad.

    I am not your recruiter, I am not in your alliance, I am not on your side.

    I am however, a big fan. If I'm trying to get a new player that is interested in PVP and exploration engaged with your alliance, I don't want to spend a long time doing it. I especially don't want to dig through your public channels for actual people. In a case like this, every second counts.

    There isn't a nice way to say this: If the purpose of Stay Frosty is to encourage solo-pvp in New Eden, then your alliance and you failed that person. (not you, Rixx, but You, CEO)

    I watched that player get swallowed up by a 'new-player corp'. They've not logged in since. That's bad for Eve, bad for them, and bad for you, since it means one less target to fight.

    Rob K.

    1. Rob,

      I'm a tad confused by your reply and excuse me if I'm missing the obvious, but was this "new player" a member of Stay Frosty or some other corporation?

      Obviously I have no control over our public channels when I am not logged in, when I am I do try to reply to everyone as soon as possible. This can obviously be rather challenging and I'd be the first to admit it. I have a lot of channels open that I have to deal with.

      If you've had a bad experience in one of our channels, then I apologize. We do strive to keep our channels open and engaging as much as humanely possible.

    2. A new player for EVE in general. They were still in the NPC starter corp.

      Yes, I'm finding this problem too, where I end up dedicating real-estate to mostly inactive channels. This was when you weren't on, since that was my first attempt at getting you and the Noob together :)

      It wasn't a bad experience for me, but for the new player. I had an interesting chat about how to kill a Sentinel, and have always found your channels extremely pleasant, when they're alive :p

      Rob K.

  2. So, here are my suggestions:
    (Want to teach me how to do bullet points now? :P)

    1) What is the purpose of your public channel?
    If it is a 'hangout' for former members and friends, make it private. They're not there to advertise your corporation. If it is a advertising center for your alliance, make it recruiters only. You want people to use it for what it is.

    2) How many channels do you really need?
    The answer is: as many as you have need of, and no more. I went through every channel listed on the various corp/alliance descriptions in an attempt to find someone with a pulse. That's a terrible effort to drag an unfamiliar new player through. (I'm not getting that isk from the CSPA back either...)

    3) The Greater EVEOGANDA community?
    Have their own value, but are impairing your image. You need to strip your inactive people from the channel. They're harmful.

    4) Clarity is KING.
    Those descriptions pages have immense value (if they're optimised). I don't want to be directed to people who live on the other side of the world to me. I want a 'talk to this person in this TZ' list. I want a simple, straightforward guide to you as a corporation and alliance.

    So, these are my suggestions (demands). (Want to teach me strikethrough too?) I hope these are helpful, because I was significantly put off from trying to help you.

    It is bad enough that I have more contact with a SF member in a unrelated chat channel, than I do in your public channel. Perhaps SF is more alive during TZes other than my own, I can't know.

    Rob K.

    1. I guess I'm lost here. The EVEOGANDA channel is not primarily a recruiting channel, it is MY public channel. I created it the same day I started this blog if memory serves me correctly and it has been up and running ever since then. Which pre-dates SF by a few years.

      These posts are being written for other people in general, not any specifically. Obviously Stay Frosty's recruiting is different than most other Corporations in Eve. We do rather well without having to rely on our public channel.

      The Frosty Hammer is for Lucifer's Hammer, although any of our other Corps can use it - they each tend to have their own channels.

      So I'm not sure what your exact beef with me is, like I said I'm rather confused. If you have an issue you'd like to address I'm always available to do so. But it feels like you are angry about something, but I'm not exactly sure tbh. "The greater Eveoganda community"? Those are my friends that like to hang out in my channel. I won't be stripping them and I couldn't care less about my "image" whatever that is.

      I'm trying to understand.

    2. I can only apologise that my communication skills aren't up to snuff at 1 am. I'll try and address it better.

      I'm not angry, just disappointed, I guess. I wanted to send this guy to a corporation I knew would help them grow as a new player, and you weren't there. (You, the people in the public chats). If I could give you an image: I tried to get them to your side of the river, but the bridge had a hole in, and the ferry was gone.

      Eveoganda and The Frosty Hammer were just two of the channels I remembered directly looking into. Eveoganda was looking for you, then actual people, and SF public was another. I looked into the WH corp too(Supreme Mathematics?)

      Viz "these posts are for other people", without being too blunt, Stay Frosty is just another corp. Why be good, when you can be the best :P

      'The Greater Eveoganda community' was a poorly referenced attempt at a throwback joke to the Greater BOB community. I was trying to say that with all your guys in the public channels (and I see that I've used the singular and not the plural...) getting a single response after 20 or so mins was a bit galling.

      The image was just a thought of mine, based on my experience of how you try and present Stay Frosty. You do an excellent of of being the number 1 cheerleader, but it felt from my experiences that you were the only cheerleader. Maybe you should delegate a bit more :P

      This whole thing has been a great example of how poorly tone of voice carries over text. The first post was meant to be a blunt, yet friendly attempt at pointing out how you (the alliance) struggle at this. The second was meant to be a teasing post about what you might do to improve. Instead, I guess they came off as surly grumpy posts about how bad you were. So yeah, sorry about that.

      Rob K.

    3. No its ok. I was just trying to understand what you were trying to say and now I get it.

      Look, we are not perfect either. Our Alliance is a daily work-in-progress and I think everyone would agree with that. We do our best and I am very fortunate to have a great group of people around me and in charge of various things in the Alliance. But we are just people.

      Like today for example. Hardly anyone on but me and a hand full of others, no reason really just one of those days. It happens and probably there might have been a few people that wanted to speak to someone and didn't get the chance. But there just isn't anything I can do about it.

      Understand that we are not trying to grow super huge here, we don't have any Sov plans. 230 pilots in SF is probably too many to begin with. I always said we'd grow as big as we grow, we certainly want as many active, engaged pilots as we can get. But our goal is not growth by numbers, but growth by quality. So we don't place a huge emphasis on recruitment, never really have tbh.

    4. I'm glad we've got this all sorted out :).

      "230 Pilots in SF is probably too many". I'd disagree with that. Unless you dominate the surrounding area, and have scared out the local residents? As long as SF is still getting enough solo fights, then SF isn't too big.

      As for 'grow by quality', aren't we all? :P. As I said below, this was an attempt to get this person in SF because I don't really know any other low-sec solo groups that might accept new players. Maybe they're out there, maybe not. Perhaps there's place for a newbie corp? I know the EvEuni has a campus, but I don't think new players are likely to survive without dedicated support.

      Anyway,I've still not written the blog post I wanted to do last night, so o7.

      Rob K.

  3. Eve is about dealing with afk people. I don't think it's just Stay Frosty, I'm in a whole bunch of channels and sometimes people answer sometimes not.

    I did find it a bit jarring when I started playing but now I kind of understand it. In order for me to respond to an enquiry from a stranger in a channel I have to be

    - not afk

    - not tabbed to a different alt

    - not fcing/pvping/otherwise busy

    - not with a window covering up the blinky part of the public chat (when I'm in a fleet I usually cover these low priority channels with the fleet/watchlist window.

    Apologies but like I think the rest of Eve questions from people in public chats are really low on my priority list.

    - in the mood to type answers to random questions

    1. No, those are all certainly fair points. This really was a case of "I really think the new player would like EVE in a corp like Stay Frosty" (and in this case, I don't really know any other corps like Stay Frosty . (So, from my own mouth, Stay Frosty is and isn't just another corp)

      So, in my desire to do the best I can for this new player, I've probably treated SF unfairly, (at least in these comments). I guess at 1am the frustrations of a month or two ago came back to haunt me.

      I'd never ask that anyone drop what that they were doing and help me, but from the 80 or so people in all the channels I asked in, I was hoping for more than one response. It does, at least to me, beg the question: "If you're in that channel and not active, why are you in that channel..."

      "Eve is about dealing with afk people." is a subject that probably deserves its own blog post. I've certainly struggled with it in more than one case. Maybe the goons will descend from heaven to pass on their wisdom :P. Then again, maybe not.

      Rob K.

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