Greatness: Follow Up

Yesterday morning I woke up with a solution to an idea that has been bumping around in my head for a long time. The idea was to create a video about Eve that was different than other videos about Eve. A video that captured the heart and spirit of Eve without referencing the game at all, that worked on a variety of levels, none of which had anything to do with it being a game. This idea, which I recognized as being transcendent, was not an easy one. To make it work it had to be perfect.

There are so many great videos created about Eve every day. People I respect very much put a lot of time and effort into creating them, and no one appreciates what that takes more than me. I don't want to do what they do, as usual I try to explore other avenues, other niches in which I can achieve something different. Granted it isn't always successful, I'm not kidding myself here. But more often than not the results are, at the very least, interesting. And I learn something from each attempt.

While the "idea" for this took a long time to formulate in my brain, the execution was rather simple. My intention was to create a simple, quick and easily executed video primarily for myself. I just wanted to see if the idea had merit, if the execution would work the way I hoped it would work, and if anyone else even cared. I honestly had no intentions beyond that.

I had hopes however. I hoped it would be amazing. It felt amazing in my mind, and it felt right in my heart. In moments like that I have to let myself go and do the thing. In this case it wasn't about creating something new, the video of Carl's voice has been on the internet for years, but rather about merging two completely different things into something incredible. Inspiration and creation are not always limited to invention, this is a rather common misconception. In fact, most inspiration springs from the combinations that arise within a new thought. Creativity is about seeing the potential inherent within those new combinations.

I'm not taking credit for anything more than what came out of my mind and was born on screen yesterday morning. A new thing. A creation that seems to have resonated with a significant part of the Eve community and beyond. A way of thinking about not only Eve, but our place in the universe.

I grew up on COSMOS and Carl Sagan's optimism about science and our place in the universe. My copy of his book was worn down to a nub from reading it over and over when I was young. My fascination with science and space didn't start with Mr. Sagan, but it certainly found its way thru him and his show. I have nothing but the utmost respect for him and what he accomplished, and what he represents today. I've listened to his words many, many times for inspiration. And I wanted to ensure that I did nothing to take away from his words here.

But I also wanted to be true to Eve. And while I understand that some people are having a difficult time with that contradiction, I find the contradiction more powerful than simply showing images of beautiful space shots behind his voice. Those videos already exist on the internet. I had no interest in recreating them. What I find compelling is the continued and powerful hope that his quote instills. Even in the face of humanity's continuing aggression. Even 20,000 years in the future, Carl's words carry profound and significant weight. We still have many rivers left to cross. Despite our technological advances, our biological ones remain challenging.

The message transcends Eve. And that is why it resonates so strongly.


  1. CCP loved the video (at least they said so on FB). And if the loved it so much... Maybe an ingame news about an unknown probe-like object found in deepspace with a golden cyllinder on the side. :-)

  2. Brilliant! Just wow. Nicely done. Sagan's words have always inspired the explorer within me to do what I do in EVE's sandbox.


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