The Thrasher Re-Design

There are parts of Eve Online that are starting to really show their age. Let's face it, the first ten years are firmly in the rear-view mirror at this point. Eve is moving quickly into its second full decade of existence. That is amazing and also extremely challenging. And, as much as some of you want it to, the game can't be allowed to stand still. It has to keep moving, changing, updating, adapting and evolving. Or it will die.

I love the Thrasher. I've spent a lot of hours in that ship, or its cousin the Sabre. It is a classic design. But it is also over ten years old. Did the proposed re-design need to go so far? Maybe, maybe not. But it is after all, only a proposed design. Frankly I love the new design, that is an impressive ship. But is it a Thrasher? Now that part I'm not so sure of.

The great thing about recent design upgrades has been that recognizable factor, the Caracal still looks like a Caracal, the Domi still looks like a Domi, the Rook is a Rook (despite its radical changes), and the proposed Stiletto and Probe changes maintain that connection. The reason the proposed Thrasher upgrade is getting so much heat is simple - it doesn't look at all like a Thrasher. (I put one on the picture just to prove my point.)

Like I said, I love that design. It is rather Boss. And I support the idea that the Republic is finally getting better at building ships, that is also a rather cool way to explain recent upgrades. But does the Thrasher need to change that much? (At least they kept the Frills!)

There needs to be connective tissue. A nod to the legacy. Feel free to upgrade, change, modify and make it look like it belongs in the modern era - please. But don't forget the things we love about the model. Keep those things. While that new design is amazing, it isn't a Thrasher.

We'd like to keep our Thrasher please. Back to the drawing board.


  1. Agreed. Oh, and on the drawing board please keep away from option E!

  2. I haven't played for a while so yesterday when I checked the caracal I was truly stunned. It looks truly amazing. It was one of the ugliest ships out there. I do agree. For instance, the new caracal you still can feel the vibes from the past one. Even though I enjoy the new thrasher design and I wouldn't mind them integrating it. It still would be nice if they included a ideas from the old one.

  3. When I first saw the design, I thought it was a Rorqual redesign: It looks industrial, at least. It doesn't look small, or fast, or violent.

    I'd totally fly one if it was the next Wreathe or something.

  4. Option D at least looks kind of like a Cyclone, and before they switched the Cyclone to a missile boat I always kind of thought of the Thrasher as its little brother based on appearance. J looks like a Svipul, and the rest are trash.


  5. That picture of the proposed Thrasher re-design reminds me of what an old 6 cylinder engine looks like before lowering it in to place - mount racks included:-(


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