ATXIII Commercial

We worked on this yesterday in our Slack channels and decided to base the entire thing on the very, very small paragraph written about A Band Apart on Crossing Zebra's AT Summary page. Since it is pretty funny, paints ABA as a Rixx Social Club, and uses a great line about us being "a very pleasant bunch of blokes to hang around with".  Which is hysterical considering.

So we adopted it as our Alliance tag-line and based the entire commercial around us hanging around in a social club setting and being very Monty Python about it. I asked everyone to record the dialogue I wrote on their phones and whatnots and send it to me, so I think I managed to use just about all the clips - or parts of them. Which makes it even better.

Enjoy and hopefully you'll get the chance to see it a lot during the AT and future o7 shows. Although they never did run my Stay Frosty video! So who knows.

By the way, our in-game channels are EVEOGANDA and The Frosty Hammer if you want to come hang out or talk to someone about joining one of our many awesome Corporations. We gots Pirates, Wormholes, Industry, Sov Raiders, Streamers, Builders, more Wormholes, and soon™ we will be adding a New Player Training Corp to our line-up! How awesome is that? Why, it is the most awesome of course!



  1. OK... now... just what are you all saying??? I caught most of it... I think

    1. “By Jove mates, we should be in the AT wut!”
      “I dare say you are right Rixx, jolly good show.”
      “Indeed. We’re a pleasant bunch of blokes.”
      English grumbles of approval
      "A Band Apart"

  2. Quite nice, especially considering the time frame between the idea and the execution!

    One quibble: the voice of the first guy sounds weird. :)


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