ATXIII Report: Day Two

My goals for the Alliance Tournament were very simple. Win at least one match. That was all I wanted to realistically accomplish.

We did not do that.

To say I am disappointed would be an under-statement. Preparing for participation in the AT takes a huge commitment of time and resources. One of the very first things I had to consider, back when we were thinking about it, was "are we in it to win?" The answer was yes. Last summer I decided to pass on the AT because I did not feel confident we were ready, this year I knew we would be.

And yes, this was our first one. We learned a lot. And next year we will be better experienced because of it. Our pilots will be a year older, more experienced and better trained for a wider variety of ships and potential comps. This is all good. And next year we will begin preparing further ahead of time. These are things that we learned and they will go into making us a much better team next year.

But I still wanted to win at least one match.

Sadly today was not going to be the one. The bane of pirates everywhere is ECM and they brought a lot of it. Even our ships that were fitted with anti-ECM mods AND getting remote ECCM were being jammed. I know, I fitted these ships myself and I know what they had on them. Our Geddon was well fitted against ECM and I had remote ECCM on him the entire time he was alive, and he still got jammed. In the world of Rock, Paper, Scissors that is the AT, their comp was well suited for defeating ours. It really is just as simple as that. Pure bad luck. Bad luck that would have been tough for any of our comps to deal with frankly.

But that is how it goes. We should have won yesterday, but today was just a bad draw. They brought the better comp.

I'm going to stop thinking about it for a few days. The grass needs mowed.

Keep the courage.

PS: It was great fun by the way. I'm not actually mad. This is Eve.


  1. Bad luck or good intel ? This is EVE after all :)

    1. Hard to tell. Our OP SEC was pretty good, but one can never be totally sure.

  2. being dissapointed is ok, even in eve
    glad it wasnt a "didnt want that anyways" post
    just get back on the horse or whatever creature you fancy ;)

  3. I don't follow the AT very closely, but I was keen to see you guys do well, as I've been reading the blog for a while. I'm sorry it didn't go as you'd hoped, but the shared experience will, I think, add to the bond you all have. Congratulations on being there and giving it a go!

  4. Watching it on the 3D viewer.

    I was particularly looking to see what your Confessors did as they're the counter to griffins and kitsunes - practically unjammable in sniper mode. Killdu goes around very well for Cloie's griffin. Good start. He then webs it and sits on it while the Sleips come back to clear him off.

    At 9.20 Killdu is in a great place to snipe ewar. (His partner Joffy should have been with him. But he needed to be assessing what the Explicit sleipnirs were doing - they were waiting mid field. Your confessor is probably out of rep range so can't just dive in.

    At this point Joffy has let lazarann get right on top of him in a sleipnir. Lazarann's pack are shooting at a cruor. All the support is looping around trying to get round the back but your logi is pinned by a jag so you're burning out of rep range.

    It just all got too spread out imo.

    In our match I told our support to hang back and pick their moment and they were far too timid - the exact reverse problem. Also usually competent people got a bit overwhelmed and burnt out our guns and we too got wrecked by ewar.

    Frustrating stuff.

    Somehow we're still in it and will pick ourselves up and go again next week.

    It's crazy demanding but I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

    1. Agreed. We are already talking about next year. I can't wait to have another shot.

    2. Kind of a shame you couldn't get further, it's always nice seeing new faces in the AT, especially when they do well.

      Out of curiosity what was your favourite match, obviously apart from the ones you were in :P

    3. Honestly most of the first weekend is a blur, we were all watching together on comms and mostly paying attention to comps, and the meta, trying to figure out where things were going. I will say that I truly loathe the tinker set-ups, especially when they are matched up against each other. I find them rather anti-pvp frankly. Naturally we did not have any tinkers in our comps.


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