SOV Head

A Band Apart Sov
And a nice wallpaper to celebrate

Once more into the breach my friends. A Band Apart once more dips its newbie toes into the dark corners of zero space in search of fame and fortune. Already the lessons learned from the last attempt are proving to be extremely helpful and this time we pop in to a situation well planned (sorta) and with some diplomacy (kinda) at our backs. 

Ok seriously, we are learning as we go. It isn't easy to get people out of their comfort zone and get them to start working together to pan and execute an entirely new campaign for which they have relatively no experience at performing. It has been a lot like herding cats in some ways. But in other ways it has been extraordinary and amazing. It is a tremendous amount of work and I honestly have no idea how it will all end - but we are going to go ahead and do it anyway.

My mission for ABA was clear from the beginning, to build an Alliance that had a place for everyone and to provide content for our members. And this is one area that was closed to us in the past. If FozzieSov has done anything it has allowed groups like ours, and others, to actually consider Sov in their plans. So we aim to take advantage as long and as often as we can.

Right now we have no grand schemes, only to learn, experience and have fun doing something different. The future will take care of itself.

We are recruiting across the board, so if you'd like the chance to participate in any of our member Corporations - jump in. We really are a bunch of very pleasant blokes.

Onward and upward.