Announcing Vagrant Skies: ABA's New Player Corporation

Vagrant Skies Wallpaper
A new thing needs a new wallpaper!


A Band Apart has many different Corporations.  We of course have Stay Frosty, which is the largest LowSec Pirate Corporation in EvE, and Lucifer's Hammer who is our Industry Wing.  There are WormHole Corps., in Supreme Mathematics and New Jovian Exploration Department, both specializing in their own brand of WH Life.  And don't forget about Voodoo Children who dabble in a bit of everything, or our new Null Sec based Corporation, the 57th Overlanders Brigade.  Every single Corporation in the Alliance adds something new and different, giving us another piece in our journey to build the best Alliance in New Eden. However, we noticed that there was one major thing we were missing.  While every single one of our existing Corporations is very welcoming of any player no matter their age or experience level, for some things it just wasn't practical for a truly New Player.  The New Player, with no experience in how the game works or functions, and typically low in Skill Points, can only do so much in a more highly specialized Corporation. 

So what does this mean?  Yes that's right, we are announcing a Dedicated Newbie Corps.:

Vagrant Skies

Vagrant Skies is a Newbie Friendly Corporation whose Core Purpose is to help all of it's Members learn what EvE has to offer, the mechanics and skills necessary to succeed within the game, and to equip them with the knowledge that will help them to be successful on whatever path they choose to pursue within EvE.  They are an All-Inclusive group that is dedicated to helping All Players regardless of skill level or play-style find their passion and place within the game.  As a Proud Member of A Band Apart they don’t restrict what people can or cannot do.  This means that they don't 'require' you to do anything that you don't want to do.  They don’t limit you, they actively encourage people to get slightly out of their comfort zone and to try new things!  If you are wanting to try something, but aren't sure how to do it, they are here to help you out. 

Once Members become familiar with the game, discover some new things to do and begin to find what they enjoy doing within EvE, they will be more than welcome to transfer to one of our more specialized Corporations if that's what they'd like to do.  They are also VERY welcome to stick with Vagrant Skies as either as a new Mentor, so they can teach other players what they've learned, or just to stay around the new friends they've made in the Corporation, or just to enjoy the laid back, do-what-you-want environment that the Corporation has.  No matter their reason, we'd absolutely love to keep them with us!  Also, don't forget that just because we are Newbie Focused, we are absolutely welcoming to Vets as well.  If you want to learn about a new play-style, wish to impart your hard-learned knowledge onto other players, or just want a place where you won't be judged for what you do in the game or how much-or how little-you are able to play, then Vagrant Skies might just be the place for you!

We'd love to hear from you, chat with you, and have you join us in our little venture.  You can reach us in our Public Channel, 'Vagrancy Encouraged'.

Juli Marelle,
CEO of Vagrant Skies

What they aren't saying is how hard they've been working to get this new corporation up and running. Argos and Nix have been at this for months and I'm very excited about the dedication and commitment they've been putting into this. I've wanted a New Player Corporation in ABA since day one, but finding the right people to run such a thing has been a challenge. Luckily, we had those inside of our alliance willing to accept the challenge and not only take it on, but to exceed even my own high expectations. I expect great things from the crew behind Vagrant Skies and I encourage anyone to consider joining the team there. Not only will you get the full attention of the leadership in corp, but you'll also become a member of A Band Apart.

I hope to see you in space soon.



    Congratulations to -ABA-!


  2. Congrats and I wish great things for you!

  3. We're super-excited to undertake this new adventure in Eve. I strongly believe that newbro training is vital to player retention and maintaining the long-term health of this game that we (sometimes irrationally) love so much.

    Thanks for the opportunity, Rixx!

    Also, that wallpaper is now my desktop background. My kids keep remarking on how cool it looks, so who knows, we may have some young 'uns in the corp before long.


  4. Can I bring my Exequror?

    -Bored Chavez


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