As seen on the o7 Show!!

The new o7 Show set looks great! And you may have noticed two awesome Battlecruiser posters right smack in the middle. The good news is that you can have those and two other ones for your own Eve Cave. Yep, you can order the complete 4 poster set of Battlecruisers directly from QMx at THIS LINK.

I will also tell you that four new posters are on the way and should be available shortly. The Battlecruisers (which are all getting buffed here shortly by the way!) are going to be joined by four Frigates. One from each race. Stay tuned for information on when they will be available. Very soon™ I promise.



  1. Hey man, love the posters and may order some but $50.00 for postage?

    1. QMx was supposed to be bringing some alternative shipping options along in August, you might want to check that again.

  2. RIFTER!!!!!!!!!!


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