Steel City Eve

Steel City Eve Wallpaper
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I think we've settled on "Steel City Eve" as the name of our player meet. I spent some time today working on the logo, which is still work in progress. Thanks to Dirk MacGirk for the awesome idea for the tagline! Its only been a few short days and already this thing is starting to feel real. Wish it was tomorrow.

More to come.


  1. As ever, awesome art Rixx! Good luck with the event!!

  2. The yellow bridges beg for a yellow Interbus? skin on that Raven, and - Since Pittsburgh is the Steel City, and steel rusts, wouldn't Minmatar ships be appropriate?

    1. There will be more images in support of the event, this was just the first. And, since you seem to have missed the joke, that is a Raven. Raven's are the sworn enemy of the Steelers. That is why I used a Raven in the image. I always have a reason.


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