Eve Just Keeps Rocking!

CCP Seagull sits in front of my posters and says some things.

Ok, she did warn us in the last video that things would be churning along. So we should have been prepared. But, I must admit, some of these things have taken even me by surprise.

• New Exploration Frigate that can find Ice Belts. Pretty cool. More things to shoot at.

• New Destroyers that use a area of effect MJD that jumps the ships nearby also? Whoa, that is pretty weird. And potentially awesome new gameplay. I think I like it.

• RUST!! 'Nuff said. This one I saw at Fanfest and have been waiting for, but still I love the idea.

• KILLMARKS!! My personal favorite thing ever, next to WCS being limited to Indy and Trans ships. (Finger's crossed)

• New Explosions!

• Missile Disruptors!! (Been a long time, but these are a welcome addition.)

• Falloff for neuts and RR, makes sense to me!

You can read all about these and more for yourself over at the brand new Update Site, which is awesome.

I'm just getting back to normal here at the Eveoganda World Headquarters, we had a week from Hell last week. So I'm sure I'll have more about all of this in the coming days and weeks.

The next person that tells me Eve is dying gets a boot to the head.


  1. Poor Ibises! So many of them will die in order to get killmarks for your main or friends.

    1. Some people have always done that sort of thing, this doesn't change that.

    2. Skulls for ibises and shuttle kills! (Well, may not have immediately the warning effect for reducing those murders, but this is EVE after all.)

  2. Remote Reps having falloff could be a game changer! Now you're logi will have to trade positioning for rep power! Very, very interesting that =)

    1. Yeah, in all the wrong ways.

      The raison d'etre for changing it is that "it will cause more fights".The people who are pushing it are the people who don't want fights. They want ganks. They want 'helldunks'.

      What is the aim of the change? More fights. The theory: that possible more people will die if RR is weaker. The advocates: the richest, largest group. Imagine who can afford these changes the most easily...

      The only people crying out over ''no fights' are the people who respond with anti-fun, anti-player behaviour.

      If I injured you every time you talked to me, would you stop talking to me? It is the same with fighting.

      Logi have always had to trade position for rep power. Put yourself too close to their DPS, you'll lose your logi. Put yourself too close to their EWAR, you won't be applying reps.

      Apparently, CCP has to lift up the lowest common denominator once again, because they're too bad to play with the rest of us.

      http://i.imgur.com/CEKrmFR.gifv = What CCP should do.

      You can tell I don't like this change, I expect :P.

  3. I can't say that I agree that this is a bad change as we don't know the details just yet. Depends on what exactly they do. This does have the potential to generate a torrent of screaming cry babies puking on forums though.

    To my understanding, the reason isn't as simple as "More fights". More that having too big of a logi wing lets you stomp a smaller group without taking losses of your own. And not having enough logi prevents sending fleets out in fear that you ineffectually derp a fleet. Also, logi doesn't engage people in the same way that shooting does. Maybe they want aggression instead of love-beams....

    Adding falloff to RR also makes it more tactically challenging for both sides. As the one attacking the Logi with damps, you make a trade off of range with rep power too. If you damp a logi and they have to move in to keep locks, you effectively increase their rep power if they were operating in falloff trying to stay away from damage. It creates a decision that has to be made both before and during the battle.

    It's not like they're decreasing rep amount in a straight up nerf....

    -Baljos Arnjak

  4. • Missile Disruptors!! (Been a long time, but these are a welcome addition.)
    More fitting choices, more strategy, good. I do hope that base missile application gets a buff at the same time though, as I imagine these new disruptors could end up OP otherwise, and removing missiles from the PvP meta.

    • Falloff for neuts and RR, makes sense to me!
    Seems like a potentially good change, depends on how it gets balanced verses the current state.

    • KILLMARKS!! My personal favorite thing ever, next to WCS being limited to Indy and Trans ships. (Finger's crossed)
    Killmarks will be a nice addition. I know you have issues with WCS, but outside of FW there are many uses, almost all to prevent ganking, which I don't think you do too much of, so I hope your dream of crippling WCS use game wide never comes. The module comes with harsh combat tradeoffs and is basically equipped by those not wanting to fight, go find PvP targets. In the FW redesign CCP just needs to add a switch that prevents a ship with WCS equipped from triggering plex timers. Boom! The modules suddenly is not for FW farming and goes back to its intended purpose.


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