Frigate POSTERS!!

Coming Soon™

The second line of ship posters is coming soon from QMx, CCP and your friendly neighborhood pirate blogger. I've heard rumors that QMx will be offering more affordable international shipping options, so let's keep our fingers crossed.

Obviously I will let you all know when they are ready for ordering, although you can join the QMx mailing list if you want.



  1. Mate, so much awesome here. Now you just need to do the Slicer, Comet and Firetail. Oh and the Enyo, of course. Probably the retribution too. Coercer should be done at some point, as should the Heretic and the Sabre, but let's not forget the Flycatcher, Confessor and Svipul (grrrrloveit).

    To be honest, just keep doing these as they are quality. I just need to find a way to persuade the missus to let me hang them in the lounge.....

    1. I hope they continue to do well and I get a chance to do even more ships! And tell the missus they look great on the wall, much better than the alternatives. :)

  2. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, THANK YOU

  3. I need more wall space!!!

  4. Just seen these linked on FB $34.95 for the cheapest postage to UK (Fed Ex Int economy) $47.39 makes me a sad panda.

    I bought the battlecruiser set via Things From Another World, set was $27.96, postage was $13.56 (parcel standard), so I'm hoping they'll do he frigate set too

    not that I have anywhere to mount any of these yet, but still ;)


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