New Eden Vector Map

Last Summer I created a vector based map of New Eden for Andrew Groen's "Empires of EVE: A History of the Great Wars of Eve Online" book project. I took on the project on the condition that eventually it would become available to everyone in the community. I did the project and I think everyone should be able to access it, it was a huge undertaking and I think it could be very useful for a lot of different projects.

The map was created in Adobe Illustrator and is available in both CS6 and CC2014 versions, as well as a editable PDF(6) format. The file I will be linking is a .Zip file that includes all three versions.

Map Detail
This is a null-centric map and as such High and Low Security space is simply treated as one large "blue" section. But each Null Region is its own individual layer and each layer has multiple layers for stars, connections and sphere of influence. So those can be turned on and off as you need. The reason I choose vector format is simple, you can zoom in as close as you want without losing any detail or quality. This can be incredibly useful for planning or showing off holdings, or managing campaigns. Or making cool videos.

I make no claims to 100% accuracy. This map was based directly on several dozen in-game screen captures from the actual New Eden map that I carefully stitched together to make an absurdly large master map from which this was modeled one star at a time. So it should be largely accurate. But I am human after all so I expect some amount of error to be present.

I would appreciate attribution, but essentially I am providing this resource free of charge to the Eve Community. Use it as you will.

Keep the courage.

PS: I may be crazy, but I ain't stupid. This map does not include individual system names. Sorry. That would be insane.


  1. But i live in Solitude and think it's a high/low sec region last time i checked.

  2. Very useful - love it. Thanks Rixx.

  3. Im actually after the data set to import into a graph database - so two tables, one of systems (nodes) and one of their connections (this system connects to this system). How did you source your data? Do you have it in excel?


    1. Nope, I didn't use data at all. I created a HUGE master map based on multiple in-game screen shots of the in-game map and then stitched them together and drew over it.

  4. Is this map download now defunct?

  5. Any chance you can re-upload this?

  6. about re-upload...
    i believe you need to google file like
    (or NewEdenVectorMap.7z ?)


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