Back Swing

It's odd. You can be insanely busy and at the same time seem to have disappeared. I wake up every day with plenty of things on my plate to accomplish, and yet not have time to write here on the blog. Or find time in the day to log in to play Eve. It has been an odd couple of months to say the least.

I have played Eve each of the last three days. Which is amazing, especially Saturday night. The way the new studio is set up now, my wife can log into Eve on the computer next to me and we can play elbow to elbow. This resulted in some funny moments. I didn't have TeamSpeak loaded up on the new computer yet, so during our roam while we listened to TS - she'd have to push to talk for me while I yelled over her shoulder. We also had a tense moment while I tried to explain how to pull range from a Harpy and Tristan that she was fighting. She was in a dual-tanked Hookbill and those are complicated to fly. So many modules to manage. She ended up getting podded. But this is how you learn. And we did manage to get a handful of good fights together. Which is awesome.

So all in all things are slowly getting back to "normal" around here. Whatever normal is. I wouldn't know normal if it was staring me in the face. I have two large illustrations I want to finish, a couple of big projects that are in the works, another episode of Gate to Gate to get produced, and a long list of commissions that haven't been finished or even started. Plus, I dunno, a dozen or more things I'm forgetting. Somewhere, sometime, I'll have to find the time to give each of these things the attention they need.

Maybe that is it, more than anything else right now? Maybe I'm just feeling a tad overwhelmed with options. Perhaps I need to focus. Meh. Maybe I just need to kick that thought in the balls and move on. I like that idea better.

Onward and Upward.