EOC Rumble Event

EOC Rumble Charity Event 29th November

The guys over at EOC.tv are putting together what looks to be the premier in-game event of the Fall called EOC.tv Rumble. You should take a look and join up. I'll be there to get primaried off the field first, as usual. As will dozens of other distinguished and notorious members of the Eve community.

It will be a blast. We get a chance to kill a Titan for goodness sake. And the line-up of famous FC's to lead each of four teams into battle is impressive. The prizes are amazing. What else do you need?

Oh, and all proceeds benefit in-game charities. Done. Sealed. You should be there.

Go check it out and I hope to see you there.

PS: Please don't shoot me immediately. It would be really nice to survive for more than five minutes in an event. Maybe ten minutes?


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