Go Rumble!

The EOC.tv RUMBLE Charity Event is on the 29th of November and you should plan on being there. I will be. And so will a huge pile of Eve players looking to have a blast and shoot each other in the face. All while supporting several well-deserving Eve charities. It is a win-win for everyone. Except me, as I will probably be kilt within the first few minutes. lol. (Don't shoot Rixx!)

Organizing and planning a successful in-game event is a ton of work. I've sorta stepped away from doing them myself because of just how much effort is involved. After you do 18 or so, the shine kind wears off. But nothing is better than an in-game event you can participate in and not have to do anything other than show up. So kudos to the guys at EOC.tv who are putting this thing together. They've managed to grab a Titan for us to pew pew, along with a bunch of great prizes and teams. All being FC'd by some loser FCs, it should be a blast.

I even made a video for it! So you have to come.

Do yourself a favor and check out the link for more details about the event and how to sign-up. Seriously, it promises to be the don't miss event of the month and I'd love to see you there.



  1. "(Don't shoot Rixx!)" says the guys who undocks with unwavering intent to shoot ALL the things!

    I do want to join in... if I make it this will be my first player planned event... I was a part of the Incarna Riots and tried to make downing of the Caldarii Titan. Other than that I have not been involved in any of the player events... and there is a reason.

    They normally take place around 20:00 EVE time... 20:00 UTC... which is 3:00PM USTZ... IE I'm at work. And with my current schedule, 9 to 6, I will miss the first 3 HOURS of any event at this time. I wrote to one of the EOC.tv guys and was very nicely told, Too bad. He sounded sure I wouldn't get a shot at the Titan... but I should throw them 100m ISK and join in anyway...

    Would you pay to see the 'skins play if you KNEW you were not going to arrive at the stadium until AFTER the game was over? And please please don't tell me the after party shenanigans are as much fun and as worth going to as the game itself. And yes I know this is in support of some great EVE Charities... the point of the event is the charities... the draw to the event is shooting a Titan. I can send the charities ISK anytime, but is probably one of the few chances I'll ever have to get a shot at a real Titan as I live in W-space and hate nullsec.

    So... when CCP or some players decide to base events in the US TZ, I'll be glad to show up... but I'm not paying 100m ISK to view a wreck... I'll just send the ISK direct.

    1. One of the biggest challenges I always faced when organizing and planning events was the TZ challenge. Frankly there is no good solution and no matter what you do, there are people that just cannot participate. This is one reason why we tried to always make our FFA's last so long, so more people could join in. There is no real solution frankly, which sucks, but what else can you do?

    2. I agree and understand... the only solution I can think of is a rotation. Event X in EU TZ, next event X1 in US EST TZ, next Event X2 in US PST, next Event X3, in... and so on around the world.

      Yet that really only works for reoccurring events or if CCP moderated players events to the point of requesting or enforcing scheduling of player events... both of which would probably act more as another hurdle to jump for those who want to put on player events making them even harder to plan and organize than now.

      As I see it, and I can't say I would do otherwise in their shoes, CCP and most players deal with the TZ issue by simply not dealing with it. Their events happen on their clock because there is no 'fair' other solution for all.

      I do wish I had an answer... just really frustrated at basically always missing out on so much... I so feel for our Aussie brethren right now... =[

  2. If you are going to be kilt within the first few minutes, please ensure you are wearing undergarments. Think of the children, man.

  3. EOC - James well @turamarth sorry to hear you can't make it, and the whole point of us taking a donation is that we can then send it out to the charities we work closely with, by all means send it direct if you would like, but we are creating awareness, while creating a EPIC battle!

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