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In yet another example of the amazing Eve community, Neville Smit has announced a Grant Program over on his blog. I highly recommend taking a look at it.

"When they have more money than they know what to do with, the idle rich often become philanthropists.  I have found myself in exactly this situation, bored and wondering what I shall do to occupy my time in game. But now I feel my interest renewed in EVE Online. I can use my excess funds to give back something, and try to help our player community, at least in some small way.

So, I have set aside a sizable portion of my funds - 20 billion ISK, to start - to begin a new charitable service: The Morning Maniac Grant Program. 

For those who don't know, Morning Maniac was the founder of EVE University. Because of his selfless efforts, I found a place in EVE Online that enabled me to learn and develop the skills and knowledge I needed to succeed in the game. He was one of the most generous philanthropists in EVE Online history, and because of his contributions, thousands of players now fly successfully in corporations and alliances throughout all of New Eden."

What a great idea. If I was rich in-game I'd probably do something like this. But to be honest I am nothing but a poor pirate. I've never had 20b ISK at one time in my wallet in over seven years of playing Eve. And I honestly doubt I ever will.


I've never ever watched the Meta Show before. Its some kind of video podcast thing over on TMC. But Saturday evening someone mentioned that Mittens was talking about me on it, so I waited until it was available and scrolled thru it. I'm not going to link it, find it yourself if you want. I wouldn't recommend it.

It continues to amaze me just how clueless they remain. The argument from their side, as presented in the show and in Sion's article, is essentially that everyone is monetizing Eve and so we should all support their Kickstarter. Since the community saw fit to help me with my GoFundMe campaign, no one has a right to argue about their Kickstarter. This is such an inane argument it is hard to know where to start.

(Its even funnier watching that show on their site surrounded by advertising, promotions, donate buttons, subscribe buttons, etc.)

I'm not going to get into another long thing here. But clearly monetization is not the core issue here. The core issue is a poorly run and poorly conceived campaign that originated from a group that has proven over time to be un-trustworthy, self-centered and only interested in their own community. Not the greater Eve community. We can all argue why that is and others have done a great job of making those arguments. Once again, I'm only here to present reasons why this specific campaign isn't working. Because it isn't.


I'm glad the RUMBLE event went well yesterday. It didn't go well for me personally, but that doesn't change the fact that I supported it. Most events inside of Eve are difficult for me. I'm a dedicated -10 pirate and have been for the past four years. I don't want to tag my sec status up thank you. This means that many events are just not possible for me to participate in, which is fine and comes with the territory.

Originally I was assigned to a team that was forming up in a Low Sec station and everything was fine. But then, for some unknown reason, I was bumped into a team forming in High Sec. I had no idea where we were going, as no one would tell me, so me and the other Pirates joked about which of us would die on the undock. For me, this wasn't a joke. I swear I could jump into HS with twenty other pirates and the Police would kill me, while everyone else gets away. Which is exactly what happened. The police pointed me at a safe spot and took my ship away from me.

So now I'm stuck in HS in my expensive pod. So I follow the fleet along several jumps into more HS. Eventually as the gate camps continue to get worse I decide to dock up and wait to see where the final destination might be. Sadly the random HS station I pick is heavily camped by the CFC. A group that just might have a slight grudge against me perhaps.

Luckily I manage to get docked despite being shot at and pointed. I grab one of the many rookie ships in my hangar (been here before I guess) and undock, lose the ship but get the pod away.

At this point the FC contracts me a new ship, which is way back in the HS system we started in. I sigh, reject the contract and warp myself back to Ishomilken.

Like I said, I'm used to it. Don't feel bad, if I had showed up in the final system I'd be primaried off the field anyway.


More later.


  1. Many thanks, Rixx, for the plug for the Morning Maniac Grant Program - much appreciated. And thanks, too, for the outstanding job on the logo!

  2. I was -10 for a little while and -9.8 right now and I feel your pain. The trick is to just spam warp when you enter system and pray that it works. I actually flew a drake 10 jumps around highsec with -9 sec to join a NPSI fleet one time. Also the Rumble event was crippling tidi so we pretty much just landed and no one could even lock targets or broadcast. I died pretty much as I entered out of warp but reshipped and got on the titan with a ceptor instead :D.

    1. I actually undocked fine and then the FC warped us all to a safe spot where I was immediately pointed by the coppers. I do manage to fly thru HS pretty regularly, but eventually the cops catch me. I always imagine the wanted posters must be everywhere! lol

  3. "The core issue is a poorly run and poorly conceived campaign that originated from a group that has proven over time to be un-trustworthy, self-centered and only interested in their own community"
    It's a book based around the most publicly talked about war in the history of EVE by a pretty good published author originated from a group that has provided more content for EVE than any other, and on many occasions pushed for changes which damage themselves to help the game. A book I might add that is supported by leaders of groups that opposed goons too as well as CCP themselves. Even you voiced your tenuous support and the good it could do for the community as well as the loss it's failure would be.

    The main problem here is "grr goons" and it boils down to players being too terrible to defend their freighter mining barge or sovereignty and using that as a reason to act like idiots. You pretend it's not, but your posting style lately is "It's not grr goons" followed by a slew of insults aimed directly at goons.

    Better than that though is how many reddit posters on r/eve that hated it seem to have a history that suggests they are no longer EVE players.

    1. It aint about the book... that project, no matter who was authoring it, had Mittens paw prints ALL over it... and that gave it a smell most in EVE want nothing to do with.

      You cannot spend YEARS defining yourself and your group as the Bad Guys, trolling and scamming everyone else and expect people to jump at the chance to HELP you with anything...

      "We are not here to ruin the game, we are here to ruin your game."... You reap what you sow... karma sucks don't it?

    2. I find it interesting that you comment "Anonymously" just as so many on Reddit do.

      Yes, issues can be both complicated and simple at the same time. It is something you learn as you become older and wiser. While the faults with this KS were obvious from the beginning, many of us out here still wanted it to work somehow. A book about Eve would be awesome. And yet, despite that support those behind the project continued to derp themselves over and over again in public, which made it increasingly hard for those of us inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt, the ability to continue doing so. And for that, culminating in Sion's misguided attempt to blame the very same community, the KS defenders (like yourself) continue to blame everyone but yourselves.

      It failed. The community has spoken. Move on.

    3. I think you're misattributing the reason it hasn't gone well.

      There's a phonebook sized list of objections (including frankly pathetic grr goons sentiment) but most importantly for me, I just don't know what is supposed to appeal to me about a fictionalized account of an entirely predictable victory over a numerically and logistically inferior opponent.

      I suspect the book they really wanted to write was the BoB-Goon conflict but of course they missed a trick there. This looks like, and I suspect is, an attempt to cash out on the next best example, even if that example doesn't have the aspects needed for a typical sci-fi novel (risk, threat to create sympathy with protagonists, incredible odds to overcome etc.)

    4. As someone pointed, the Goons themselves have a manpower of 16,000 heads.

      And yet the KS has been supported by about 0.5% of that number.

      Guess that 99.5% of Goons suffer from grr goons... don't them?


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