Thank All of You

Today I am thankful for this great community that we enjoy here in Eve Online and the amazing people at CCP that make it all work each and every day. There have been those lately that enjoy disparaging our weird little group, they've said some nasty things about us. That we can't get anything done, that we are spiteful, childish, rude, arrogant, and extremely negative. Ok, some of us are those things. Granted. But to focus on that is to ignore the strength and power that comes from the entirety of this insanity. Maybe it is just me, but I enjoy ALL of the Eve community. Even the darker corners. Because it all makes up the fabric of what makes it special and unique.

And to say we don't get "anything done" is to ignore the hundreds of amazing and wonderful projects that happen every single day. The charities, the blogs, the podcasts, the art, the comics, the posters, the wallpapers, the memes, the jokes, the songs, the fiction, the list is incredibly long. It makes me wonder about people that can so easily ignore all of the wonder of this vibrant and living universe of ours.

And so today, when some of us express what it is we are thankful for, I want to make sure that all of you know that I am thankful for you. All of you. No matter who you are or where you come from. Thank you for participating and playing and creating and adding your voice to the thunderous crowd.

Thank you to the gankers, the war-deccers, the pirates, the builders, the mission runners, the explorers, the miners, the scammers, the null-sec warriors, the faction players, the local trolls, the reddit posters, the mass testers, the alliance makers, the dream breakers, the pod takers, the wormholers, the taking a breakers, the be right backers, the afkers, the spinners, the high-sec hiders, the station campers, the gate podders, the link alts, the super cap flyers, the fuel delivers, the transport makers, the carrier jumpers, and to everyone in-between.


There is at least one person who appreciates you all.


  1. I also want to give big thanks to you and everything you do, Rixx. You and Jester were the two people whose blogs I read years ago, and the flow and cadence of both of your writing is something I've sought to emulate in my own. The two of you inspired me to do my thing. Never burn out. If you do, call me up and I can talk you out of it over a beer.

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  3. Yer welcome...

    And thank you my friend.

    Happy Thanksgiving to one and all, whether it is a holiday you hold dear or one you do not celebrate.

    Peace, Happiness and GFs! to all my EVE Brothers and Sisters.

  4. Thank you.Thank you for shining a light on all the positive things this strange game brings. You forgot to thank Warp Stabs though ;-)

  5. Hey Dude. Love your blog and love your artwork. I think the video I tweeted you with haulers killing the vagabond and the fun we had on Teamspeak that night shows the spirit and community that comes from this game. Keep up the good work.

  6. A little late but I hope you and your family had a happy and great ThanksGiving!


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