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Give My Regards To Mittens Shirts
Give My Regards To Mittens Shirts by EVEOGANDA
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I decided awhile back that since CCP won't allow me to create and sell t-shirts featuring Eve art, that instead I'd start to create what I'm referring to as "meta art" shirts to offer the community. Careful not to include any Eve related IP issues, these Meta products will be popping up whenever I feel inspired by the good people of our community. 

In addition, if anyone is interested, I'm also willing to offer related products inside the Eveoganda store - like podcasts, Alliance or Corp logos, charities, or anything else related to community interests. If its for a charity all proceeds will be returned directly to that charity, so contact me about setting something like that up if you are interested.

And yes, I understand this is me potentially making a few bucks. The store has been up for three years now and I've yet to see a royalty check from Zazzle, so I don't think I'll be retiring anytime soon. If you have an issue with it, please do not spend your hard earned cash on my behalf. Spend it on your Eve subscription, please. Or posters! Those are also very nice. 

Onward and upward. Enjoy!



    Moichandising. Coming soon Emporium Lunchboxes and Emporium Coloring Books?

  2. Now if we could just wear it in game ... that would be cool:-) Thanks for adding a little humor to the whole kickstarter bashing drama Rixx. You helped keep it in the proper perspective - "it's only a game."

  3. Outrageous RMT (Rixx's Meta Tee-shirts)


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