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Astro Sparkle Wallpaper
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I don't have a link to the forum post, but CCP Logibro's new Dev Team asked for help with a new logo and offered to pay a Plex for it. Heck, I usually do these for free for the Dev Teams, so a chance to win a Plex was something I couldn't pass up. Finger's crossed.

At this point I have lost track of how many Dev Teams use logos or art I've designed for them, or that they picked up from one of my other projects. Over the years it has been quite a few that I know about, and a couple that I didn't realize were doing it. I think one of the teams is using the Drifter Wars art for their logo and a few weeks back CCP FoxFour dropped into the Creative Slack channel to ask for our help. Which is when I did this one:

Funny story that. The "rocket boy" art was part of the design process for the Brave Newbies Alliance logo from a few years back. I never throw away un-used art, you never know when you might need it. Good to see it finally seeing the light of day.

I always get a kick out of imagining the CCP Offices full of my work, it always makes me smile and helps me get thru the day. Fun stuff.