My CSM Voting Endorsements

Borrowed this from Crossing Zebras

It is that time of year again! When the entire Eve Community holds their collective breath waiting to hear who will make the official Eveoganda CSM Endorsement Ballot. Each year I diligently comb thru the thousands of wanna-be politicians to bring you the very best candidates. And each year my choices tend to get elected to an extremely high percentage. In fact, over the past years, Eveoganda is running well above 75% based on our recommendations.

This year is unique however! This year we have our own official Eveoganda endorsed A Band Apart/Stay Frosty candidate - JOFFY AULX-GAO!! Go Joffy!! If you want quality CSM members then Joffy should be at the very top of your ballot. Not only does he play Eve every day, he is extremely active, engaged, and knowledgeable about Eve. As our Alliance Diplomat he has worked directly with a vast network of Eve players across New Eden. Our own Alliance - A Band Apart - is made up of Corporations that represent a wide swath of Eve play-styles, from Low Sec, Wormholes, Industry, Missions, and much more. Not to mention the fact that he is also incredibly awesome! 

Obviously Joffy is my number one and I would greatly appreciate him being yours as well.


The remaining Eveoganda candidates in voting order:

2. The Judge - I've worked with The Judge during last year's AT practices and I even used to be in Co2. Great guy who will work hard for us.

3. Erika Mizune - Erika will work well with Joffy on the issues we care about, as well as represent all of New Eden with character and purpose.

4. Tora Bushido - We may not often see eye to eye on our play-style choices, but Tora has been a stand-up friend of ABA and I've grown to have a tremendous amount of respect for him and Marmite.

5. Steve Ronuken - Steve is great and will continue the work he's already done and provided the connection to the past since this will be his third term.

6. Diana Olympos - Again this CSM is all about personalities and building a great team, Diana will work well with others and help Steve and Joffy run a powerful and effective CSM.

7. DoToo Foo - Wormholes, PI, etc etc. Good guy.

8. Toxic Yaken - Highsec representation.

9. Nashh Kadavr - I've known Nashh for as long as I've played Eve and he wants desperately to be the go-to guy on eSports. And I support that.

10. Borat Guereen - Small gang and solo PvP representative.

11. Mr Hyde113 - Well known streamer and extremely knowledgeable about Eve.

12. Apothne - PL, Crossing Zebras and AT commenter, well rounded.

13. Gorski Car - Gorski banned me from the Lets Bring Solo Back channel (no great loss tbh) but we need at least one jerk on the CSM.

14. Kyle Aparthos - This is as close to Goons as my ballot is going to get.

As always my goal is to build what I think will be the best team that represents the widest possible field of Eve play-styles on the CSM. If more people followed this formula every year we wouldn't have the problems with the CSM we've had in the past, trust me. So do yourself and Eve a favor and vote straight Eveoganda ticket this year. And then watch what happens.

Otherwise you have no one to blame but yourself.

PS: Special thanks to the hard-working and grossly underpaid professional staff here at Eveoganda, otherwise known as A Band Apart Alliance members, Directors and those that put their two cents in to the pot. Much appreciated.


  1. I'm undecided on all but one: Go Joffy!

    good points on the balance though and some seem a good choice, others I really don't know enough yet.

  2. Looks a nice list, glad to see Tora up there. though I'm a bit surprised that Nashh and Hyde are down in 7th and 11th. I'll be bumping them up a bit. CSM gets a rough ride sometimes but kinda sad not to be voting for Sugar and Mike this term as they have been my goto choice over the past couple of years. Best of luck Joffy!

  3. \o/
    Being endorsed by a hard working and awesome human being like you means a lot. If i don't make it, i will still get something important from that run and keep trying to help the community.

  4. To bad there are no wh guys on there... .
    Nobody in wh's even heared about the foo guy... .

  5. Joffy spent 3 months in Maths, one of our alliance wh corps - look no further for a man that knows the ways of Bob

  6. You are not banned from bsb... i have only ever banned one guy from there

  7. But .... I sometimes have wcs ... Oh well. I also know that a stealth bomber eat wcs epithals for breakfast.


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