The State of Commissions

TL;DR: It is with regret and sincere apologies that I have to step away from doing normal commission work for the Eve Community moving forward. I will continue to do "special projects" as always, such as the recent posters for Care4Kids, Best of Us Wallpapers and videos. But regular logo, banner, and other types of commissions for ISK are going to have to cease. I have no other choice. 

I am hopelessly behind. And there is simply not enough hours to get caught back up again. As prolific and dedicated as I am, even I have to admit defeat in the face of overwhelming odds. It has gotten to the point lately that I dread even looking at the backlog. It is depressing and my personal responsibility to each person just makes it worse.

I apologize to each of you waiting on work. But I really have no other choice than to start saying no and walk away from the project list. My focus out here in the real world has changed significantly lately, from looking for full-time employment to building a broad base of contract/freelance work, and that effort is requiring more and more of my available time, energy and creativity.

In addition I want to be able to focus my efforts on helping special projects succeed. And spend more time creating and practicing my art. The new Podcast. And other video based projects I have in the works. I will of course continue to support the Eve community in any way I can. And I have a lot of ideas for even more work in that regard. But the Alliance logo, Corporation logo, commission based requests are just too much for me to keep up with. Which is a disservice to those waiting in the bottom of the list.

My apologies.


  1. Try not to be too hard on yourself, Life comes first is an important part of our community. I'm sure much of the larger eve community understands this as well.

    I wish I was better at being supportive or inspiring but the best I can do is wish you well.

    Oh I can post ponies too, that is perhaps more in character for me.

    It's a good song, not nearly as goofy as that smile one I linked so many other times. :)

  2. TBH im amazed you have been able to do so much for so long.

    Do you know anyone who does logos? someone you could recommend?



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