Nowhere to Hide

Nowhere To Hide Digital Painting
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So the other day I had this idea. I'd re-create certain WWII style aerial combat paintings using Eve spaceships and situations, and see what happened. I looked around a bit and eventually found this stunning modern digital painting from Richard Perry called "Nowhere to Hide".  I thought it might just make the perfect first try.

You can see the original on the left and my version on the right. Obviously I'm not trying to paint an exact replica, but use the original as the basis for an Eve version all its own. As inspiration. Why would I waste my time making an exact copy, we have one of those already. 

Anyway, mine is also just short of being a full-blown effort. I'd consider it more a study than anything else right now, but I was happy enough with the outcome to share it with you. I'm still learning a lot of things right now and I still don't feel like I have my sea legs fully formed yet. But I'm still working at it and practice makes perfect. Heck, I am my own harshest critic and if I let that stop me I'd never publish anything. Trust me.

I hope you enjoy it. I already have some subject matter in mind for at least a few more of these in the coming weeks and months. So stay tuned.


  1. I like the concept but the aviation/war buff in my brain trips over how in the original the dive bomber means impending doom for the carrier, whereas a Rifter is not the same in the EVE scene.

    Anyway I like the concept a lot, it offers many, many possibilities!

    1. And here I thought the idea of Hero Tackle was universal. In my mind the Rifter is clearly trying to survive the carrier's fighters long enough to get tackle on the Geddon. At least that's how I'd play that and hope my fleet arrives before I explode.

    2. LOL, I was a carebear for 5 years and probably didn't ever see a carrier ingame... the concept of the Trasher hero-tackling totally escaped me, sorry!

    3. Ha ha, awesome. No worries my friend.

  2. nice, like A Onions, i love the concept.

    Since everyone's a critic, here is my constructive 2c...

    In the original there is an inherent appreciation of the scale, we all know a plane is 'small' and a carrier 'massive' even though in the image they take up the same amount of canvas area. Yes most eve players know a rifter is small and a carrier somewhat larger, but to a non-eve audience its not as clear. If you could reinforce it by some rifters already down there... yeah i know they're missing from the original... but there are some planes on the carriers flight deck.

    Was wondering if the fighters were an attempt to do that?

    Looking forward to seeing the full blown attempt.

    1. Scale is a challenge in Eve. Yes the fighters are there to help, but there are so many things we take for granted in the "real world" that don't exist for us in other worlds. Normally, in a photograph for example, you'd use field of focus or something to achieve a sense of distance or scale. That's why I added the fighters. Perhaps a few Rifters down there tackling the Geddon wouldn't hurt.

      Not sure I'm going to do anything more with this one, I'm not much of one for working on the same image. But I am going to try it again with other images.

  3. I've dreamt of H is for Hurricane poster for a while.


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