After Hours: Episode 3

AFTER HOURS: Episode 3 is now LIVE over on Crossing Zebras. Check it out!

Episode 4 will be out next week and Episode 5 was recorded yesterday, so things are moving right along. I spent some time and re-did the opening a bit, I think you'll like the new one. You'll hear it on Episode 4 next week.

I hope someone is enjoying these, because I'm having a blast doing them. I hope to continue to bring great guests along and explore the community even more in the coming weeks and months. If you happen to have an idea for a guest you'd like to see, just let me know.



  1. Any chance of a brief blurb?

    Not because I'm in anyway a discerning consumer, just because I'm incredibly lazy. :)

    1. A summary of what you talk about and any guests you have on :)

    2. There is a blurb description on the pages at CZ, where are you not seeing those?

    3. My mobile screen can't deal with modern website formatting, it seems. :S

      Sorry for wasting your time.

    4. You are never wasting my time my friend.

  2. Great podcast Rixx keep them comming.

  3. Great Stuff really like it. Maybe you could try to get Lord Maldoror of RnK as a Guest. I think people generally like listening to him.

    Anyway keep it going.


  4. Listed to the interview with Gabriel Cassata...that was really good. Partnering with CZ has made your podcast a lot more accessible.


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