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Signature: Hookbill by RixxJavix on DeviantArt

I've started loading my portfolio of images onto my DeviantArt account over the past week, it is a process that will take months to finish. I started out on Flickr because back then it was the easiest place for me to post higher resolution images that could be embedded into my companies website and blogs. It wasn't more than that back then. Over the years it became such a huge repository of images that the mere thought of doing something else with the images felt like a nightmare. Just consider for a moment the sheer amount of links across my entire history of social media that reflect back to images posted there, it must account for literally thousands of links.

As I told my Patrons last week, it isn't going to be a "mirror" to Flickr, and nothing will happen to those images already on Flickr. Nothing wrong with posting to both sites. In addition, Deviant has some services that are unique, so I'll be taking advantage of those as well going forward.


  1. big difference for me, though. I can access Flickr from work, but DeviantArt is blocked - I dunno why.

    Oh well, this gives me a(nother) reason to leave work to head home !


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